Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

And now for a -real- update instead of a crafted meme. If you ever are thinking about increasing your 'comments recieved' count, that's the way to go. Make it clever enough and you'll have fangirls flocking.

But at any rate, I almost have a transfer secured. A few steps out of it, then I'm moving to Lebanon, KY. It's an overnight stocker but it's still a job. Everyone has been threatening that I can't leave, because I'm too much fun at work. Really they just mean that I'm loud and irreverent. It's basically the same thing.

We've been watching Durarara!!, the girl and I.. and I've had a complete and utter fondness for Izaya just because he's just a tad bit unhinged. If he wasn't so worried about the 'getting his hands dirty' type thing, he'd be Seishirou and Muraki's padawan. But it's much cleaner after all to 'incite' violence from others. Celty is also cute, but then there is also Kida who grows on you like a plauge, he's just so.. happy (but you know there's something going on in his mind. PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL ME.. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.. though 'ahaha wait til..' along with a mysterious trail off is thoroughly encouraged.

Forgive me, I haven't woken up yet. I'm still suffering from the groggies.
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