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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
And now for a -real- update instead of a crafted meme. If you ever are thinking about increasing your 'comments recieved' count, that's the way to go. Make it clever enough and you'll have fangirls flocking.

But at any rate, I almost have a transfer secured. A few steps out of it, then I'm moving to Lebanon, KY. It's an overnight stocker but it's still a job. Everyone has been threatening that I can't leave, because I'm too much fun at work. Really they just mean that I'm loud and irreverent. It's basically the same thing.

We've been watching Durarara!!, the girl and I.. and I've had a complete and utter fondness for Izaya just because he's just a tad bit unhinged. If he wasn't so worried about the 'getting his hands dirty' type thing, he'd be Seishirou and Muraki's padawan. But it's much cleaner after all to 'incite' violence from others. Celty is also cute, but then there is also Kida who grows on you like a plauge, he's just so.. happy (but you know there's something going on in his mind. PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL ME.. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.. though 'ahaha wait til..' along with a mysterious trail off is thoroughly encouraged.

Forgive me, I haven't woken up yet. I'm still suffering from the groggies.

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Haha, how far along are you?

Izaya is fascinating. I don't like him at all - he's despicable. Despite that, I can't deny that he's my favorite character, and I've been having waaaay too much fun getting in his head when writing fanfics lately.

Kida! Kida is my favorite actually-liked character ^_^ AND THE UPCOMING ANGST. You're right, you know there's something going on in his mind :) he's such a sweetheart. It's funny cause at first, I just thought he was going to be the comic relief side-character... but no. *trails off abruptly instead of mysteriously*


Ahaha that's perfect.. and we got finished with the episode where that one reporter guy got fixated on Shizuo.. and tried to kill him.. and hijinks happened. That's about how far I am along in the series.

Lol, that episode was funny ^_^

Lol, that's what I do. Friending memes are popular.

Oh they are.. friending memes are exceedingly popular. It's also a great study in human behavior. Becuase while the internet is all about 'let's be friends', you realize that people get excluded all the time because of taste in pairings. I actually did a few informal studies on this, posted to alot of memes where I said that I liked pairing X, Y and Z.. and then I posted where I just LEFT IT BLANK. I actually didn't get but a few commenting on my previous posts, but the one in which I was very vauge, people flocked too.

Yes, I realize there's something wrong with me. >.>

I actually realize that too, in general fandom ones it seems being into the currently popular ones gets you friends too.

Alright! Glad that the transfer is happening. Good luck on your move ♥

I have yet to watch Durarara!!, it's on my list.

ooooh... I love Izaya too :) Good luck on your transfer!

Good luck at your new job and new place!

/behind in DRRR too still. XD

I am downloading Durarara!! as I type this, because your posts keep getting me all hyped up to watch it. I've been reading everything you've been saying about the characters, but even from that I haven't been able to get a read on who I think I'll favor, so it'll be fun to see.

Well whoever you seem to favor, I promise I will make you a special icon. ♥ They are all goodo characters.. well there are a few I think are useless. Like the guy who is obsessed with his girlfriend, you will know who I am talking about into the first three episodes. It's really hard to talk about the characters without spoiling oneself.

One thing though, keep in mind that when Izaya and Shizuo say hate, they -really- mean love. and murder is like something akin to being soulmated.

I hope that everything goes well with the transfer, the move, and the new job! *waves support banner* ♥

Izaya is my favorite Durarara!! character, as well. I don't normally favor characters like him, but there's just something about him that I love.

Good luck on the transfer and move!

Izaya makes me so very happy! ^^ I really have to catch up on this series! It shall be my reward if I get any work done during the holidays! >___>

Hm... so I should make a meme.

Yes you should, it's really quite fun too! You get to see how big the world beyond yoru friend's list really is!

But I'm a passiver observer type of person!

Although.. most of the work would be done by others, I'd just have to come up with something! :D

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