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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
No matter how much I try to emasculate muse!Sephiroth.. it never happens, he manages to look manly in the dress/ribbons/heels I put him in.

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This post is made of win. :D

Ahahaha, I can't help it though. I mean it's hard to girlyfy Sephiroth though I've seen it done, usually when it's really girly, it ends up looking borderline shota.

I think it's the armor pieces somehow. I don't know why, I just do.

Yeah, and he never leaves home without them.. the armor pieces that is. Seriously you could throw lipstick on him and change his black coat to pink and I think that he'd still be manly.

It certainly is an amazing superpower. I wonder if he would be manly in fishnets and pink high heeled pumps too.

You know, then he'd just be in the Rocky Horror Picture show. I bet he attends along with Ike and Zack (though he doesn't go with them, they just sort of -see- him there... in disturbing gear.)

Oiya, I am sure you are right.

I would love to see him in a drag show. 8|

Oh my god, me too! (he probably wouldn't win anything, until he summouned meteor down on the judges)

Haha, this post is awesome! XD

♥ I sort of liked it too..oh the randomness!

Sephiroth just oozes testesterone. ( idk about the spelling, but you know what i mean. )

Yeah he does, but he's not gaudy about the testosterone, after all he uses a bottle of shampoo on his hair a day. That's being VERY SECURE IN MASCULINITY!

You'd think that with his mane of ~soft and bouncy~ hair, he'd come off as more feminine, but he doesn't. HOW DOES HE DO ITT?

I DO NOT KNOW.. maybe he's just born with it? *shot*

...That is the most amazing icon I've ever seen.


Yeah, I came upon the picture randomly (forgot I had it) and then I was like "that would make an awesome icon", then I made it. and then afterwards I was like "SEPHIROTH HAS HANDLEBARS, YAY!"

(Deleted comment)
♥ Thank you, every one needs a picture of manly Sephiroth in twin tails!

Ahahaha, you know I used to hate Sephiroth.. until I played Crisis Core.

Oh, Miss Roth! Angel Zack approves! XD

OH BUT IT IS THE TRUTH! *snickers* I swear.. he even likes to wear the stuff. >.>

lol, that would be a sight. :P

That's because Sephi-baby's bishi. It's hard to make a bishi anything but hawt. ::giggles::

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