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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
First of all.. the more icons I get, the harder it is to exactly decide which one I really want to use for a post. -_-

Secondly we went to Springfield/Lebanon, KY to house hunt, I wanted to stalk the wal-mart there (It's a gorgeous store) and really it's all about the transfer and getting everything settled. We looked at one house, it was pretty but it needed too much work for it to merely be a rental. Now I am pretty much waiting on the store over there, I really don't want to lose out on a night shift position but hey they had a few available. The area though is gorgeous and there is so much history, I will want to do it all.. go to Lincoln's birthplace, do something historical in Elizabethtown, really it's in the part of Kentucky that has STUFF. (in this part of KY, all we have is hicks, hollows and no southern graciousness whatsoever.)

It was a good trip, I really did enjoy it. The mexican food place in town also had the best tortillas. They were yummy and buttery, QUALITY (coming from the food nerd right here), I have never had a truly well made tortilla before.. mmm yummy.

There was much Vesperia talk however my Flynn pretty much pushed Yuri's button too far and then Schwann and Raven didn't make it any better. It's difficult having two muses in your box who've technically broken up, first time ever for us even though it's amusing when at 6 am Flynn calls Yuri to tell him that "Motorcycles will kill you, Yuri." which is pretty much Flynn's deal, he worries over Yuri even if that worry borders on mommy-ness.

The good far outweighted the bad but sometimes it's hard to focus on the good when the bad is the last thing that you felt with the trip. Gotta accentuate the positive in anything.

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...Offhandedly, where in Kentucky are you currently? :o I used to live in Richmond, and worked at the Wal-Mart on the Eastern Bypass for six months. XD;

A-also, "Motorcycles will kill you, Yuri." at 6AM sounds kind of amazing. I still can't quite decide if muses are Godsends or Hellspawn, and I've been dealing with an overactive headspace imagination since 2005. Sigh.

Tis a double edged sword. Good because they sort of lighten bored moments, they are bad in that honestly when they say something wrong, they can absolutely ruin everything. But the good does far outweigh the bad I think. (it was amazing, evidentally Flynn makes a list of things that Yuri should stay away from for the day, and reads it at 6 am to Yuri over the phone)

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