Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

The things that the muses will tell you. Right now Old Raven and Schwann have come back with an armload full of stuff, of which was discussed about next week and while Yuri is locked up in his room being all sulky, Schwann and Old Raven are going to go to town (and hopefully the both of them won't get beaten by Yuri.. hey, they are blaming it on Yuri's ex-boyfriend for divulging such information. *so if Yuri wants to take it up with anyone, go after Flynn*)

That was a discussion of a lifetime, involving Yuriand soap

In my head, Schwann and Raven have split apart to become two seperate beings. Soo.. shuufish's Yuri has not only one.. but TWO boyfriends. Lucky him.

Need an icon with the both of them. Mayhaps later.

Oh my headspace is such a wonderful place to be sometimes.
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