Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: On Durarara!! and Raven :

I watched the first episode of Durarara!! because of crsg and honestly it's a pretty good series, I can see where of course it's going on the random front, I'll probably not watch much more then a few episodes atm but I think it's a very strong series for what it's trying to do. And the intro is very remiscient of Baccano!! which really is definitely a good thing. So I'm somewhat interested and excited to get into it when the time comes for myself and shuufish to watch it. I think I'm mostly intriqued by the black motorcycle rider.. it's very much taking from the legend of the Headless Horseman.. except sans the Pumpkin.

Other then that I don't really know what to post about, I grow a bit of excessive with my Raven-love (since I seriously haven't loved a character this much in a long time. There is loads more I could really say about my love for Raven, I could ramble hours upon hours with him and the whole kicker was that I didn't really think that I'd like him so much when Jennie first pointed out that she was intriqued by this pairing. Now honestly now if one were to stand the two of them side by side and say "pick one to muse", there would be absolutely no choice nor doubt in the matter.. I'd go with Raven all the way. It's funny how characters do that to you, they come in and then tear your life asunder and make your headspace a little bit nicer for it.

Though Sir Schwann "Emos"rain is pretty awesome too.

Now to go and sort through all this new music I've got.. fweeee...
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