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: Regular Entry + Music Meme :

One Flynn icon down, next I need an icon of Duke (aka Mr. Fabulous), there is also Raven begging me for another icon because he's an attention whore (being that he's the main character that I've picked up from that series and I'm really constantly amazed at how much I really do love Raven.. one of those characters that would fall underneath the 'didn't expect to love him as much as I do' catagory. Hell, I renamed my ipod after him (though I think that I'm trying to cut down on the ammounts of time that the ipod died when he was named after Seishirou Sakurazukamori).

Cheese sticks for lunch, that sounds totally possible.

It's really not my fault though that all my Raven wants to do is molest shuufish's Yuri. It's also so totally my fault that whenever Raven or Yuri are out, they usually end up having sex or something along those lines. Gosh, you'd think that he never got any.. seriously.

Music Meme

We all like getting new music, seriously. So comment and I will make a zip of five random songs on my playlist and then post then in a comment back to you so that maybe you can find something new to like. If you're feeling particularly generous, repost this in your own journal. HAPPY SHARING!

+also I'll be posting zips in comments, if you like what I've given you, feel free to steal other people's music.
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