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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I think I finally got icons for every character in Tales of Vesperia that I like (and muse) now. Hurrah, I got one for Raven, one of Flynn, one of Estellise. I'm really on a role.

Let's face it Optimistic Knight of Justice = ♥ SAILOR FLYNN COMES TO SAVE THE DAY! Thank you shuufish for showing me the Vesperia manga concentrating on Flynn. That made my day happy with colouring (There's nothing that I like better then colouring manga icons.)

I wanted to do a music meme, but unfortunately I like the immediate time.

So everyone on my flist, HOW ARE YOU?


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(Deleted comment)
Tired, and a little bit angry at my male type roommate for being an asshole. *shakes head*

(Deleted comment)
Well I woke up extra early... but but but but but that is only because my normal hours of operations are between 3 pm and 8 am. I sleep otherwise. (I am a nightwalker!)

I'm just peachy right now. And you?

Aww the world is always made better by an icon of Lightening!

I am happy because my internet connection came back. C: I am also happy because I have cheesecake defrosting. ALL FOR ME.

Your friending meme link doesn't work. :c

Something wrong with the code I think.

I has a headache. But you know that! Hurray for Flynn, I'm once again glad that you could find an image of him that you liked!

Yeah, it was nice to find good images for Flynn and this icon is strangely addictive. Oh our hopeful Flynn! King of the Rose Coloured Glasses Brigade!

It's a good icon because it is exactly as you said, the King of the Rose Colored Glasses Brigade!

I'm good. Really tired, though, cause it's been raining all-day, and rain makes me sleepy. lol.

I am tired and busy and trying to actually get some icons made, but I think my creativity died. :[

Other than that, I'm pretty good! How's the weather down there? This is the time of year when I'm melting even up here, going "ZOMG HOW CAN ANYONE LIVE DOWN SOUTH?!"

My computer is right near the vent so I'm freezing my butt off. >.> though I usually sleep during the day so I am asleep during the hottest part of the days

I'm bruised and tired, but SAILOR FLYNN just brightened my moment. ♥ Yerself?

Music meme sounds chill, if you do ever get round to it. (8

Awww.. well the guardian of justice, peace and love makes EVERYTHING BETTER. (Fighting evil by moonlight, right?) I'm good, better now of course.. and happily ready to play more Tales of Vesperia because it is love.

Sweet! :D

I'm pretty good :) How are you?

I'm doing okay...how about you? *hugs* ♥

Hehe, and that's awesome that you have icons of every character from ToV that you like! I love representing characters I really enjoy in icon-form when I can (though I tend to like a ton of them so it's sometimes impossible, lolz!). ♥ :D

Well I realized that I didn't have Duke.. I really really want a Duke icon now.

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