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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Is LJ being a jerk-faec or is it prayhaps just in my imagination?

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How so? If you mean getting page load errors, yes. That's been happening to me since yesterday. I suspect server problems.

Yeah that's what I meant.. it's like I can't comment on entries because each time I do, I get server errors.

Hmm, yeah, that is annoying. That's why I've been ctrl + c ing my comments in case that happens. I'm actually relieved other people are having the same issue since I thought my wifi might be screwing up again. :P

No, it's being a jerk right now.

I figured, but I've imagined things before.. just wanted to make sure. Goodness stupid LJ.

I've been having a lot of lj troubles today.

Ironically, when I clicked that link, I got a page load error. D:

Ah-HAH! I KNEW YOU COULD FIX ALL MY PROBLEMS! (or at the very least explain them)

(Deleted comment)
It is annoying indeed... Today not so much, but yesterday it was just awful :/

This is even worse than the notif delays!

Ooh man, I remember the notification delays, I also remember getting like close to 200 in my box in one day.

To me, LJ will always be a douchebag. I never expect it to treat me with respect. I'm honestly tired of pressing the refresh button when that damn ad pops up when you first sign in. >< LJ is kinda like that cousin you like to hang around, but can be quite annoying at times. ^^;

I wouldn't have noticed, because my internet has been cutting in and out all week. >:

Its soo annoying, and I kept blaming my IE for it..

oh, I thought I was perhaps the only one experiencing the problem. Glad it's not my browser.

I was getting server errors earlier too, but everything seems fine now.

I have noticed lately that I sometimes have to click a link more than once for the page to change. :|

Not just you, LJ's been stuffing up on my end as well. Keep getting those load errors too urgh. :/

When ISN'T LJ being a jerk-face.

Probably both?

LJ hates me! D: All I'm asking for is some distraction from work but all I get is a bunch of errors! D:

What do you work at? *curious*

Ahh, I am glad to know it isn't just me who was having problems with it. O_O

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