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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Alchohol - Alchohol your songs resolve
Returned from Gaitlinburg, though we were staying in a cabin in Pigeon Forge.   Just so you know it was fun despite my constant SLEEPINESS and the HANGOVER I got the day of return. (I didn't even drink that much! *whines*).   Well so much for Hard Apple Cider, it was good but I can never drink it ever again without thinking about how it tastes on the way back up.   That sucks.

First day we pretty much hung out with family, that was great.. and then I passed out with Midori on the bed perhaps around 9 pm.  Thus missing alot of fun.  It's okay, they understood, I hope.    Then the next day we got up early to see the animals at Cades Cove, did the scenic loop, came back, breakfast and then Gaitlinburg shop trolling (of which myself and <lj user="shuufish"> got matching claudaugh bracelets (I'm only taking it off for hot tubbing, seriously).  and then there was the hard rock cafe, which in all honesty was probably where it started,  I think that having that Mojito might have been the precursor.. though I would of been fine had I not drank those ciders.    

(just so you know, if you go to the Hard Rock Cafe, get the Granny Smith Provolone and Bacon burger.  mmm fried apples and maple mustard on the side.. just so good, never had a burger that good!).  

Next on the agenda was the Titantic museum.  Just so you know.. WORTH IT.   That museum was just made of epic and win, especially with the re-creations.   The interactive parts were fun, and oh oh oh, the replication of the Grand Staircase.  If you are in fact in the area of Pigeon Forge, I highly suggest that you go, it was a neat piece of history (coming of course from a history nerd)

Afterwards I got smoked by a little boy at Go-Karts, but that's alright.   Then when we went home, myself and somewhat sister-in-law Val had a good and nice heart to heart talk about everything, which I really just enjoyed.  In fact I bonded with all of Jennie's sisters on this trip which I appreciate... and I was like "MEGAN, YOU ARE MY SISTER NOW" and she was like YAY!".    But really Jennie's family is just amazing, I've never really felt a family where I've actually really just clicked and I feel like a definite part of their family.  It's great.

But anyways after all that happened, we went into the hot tub.  Oh gods, it was great.   Truly epic and great.   I went to bed drunk.. the rest after that is just a downer.   Mrrrrrrh not fun.  But hey at least right now I am able to eat some graham crackers.   It's the first thing I've really had in 30 hours maybe?    I hate hangovers.

All in all despite the hangover, I had alot of fun.

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There's a Titanic museum near me that I've been wanting to visit. I don't think it's as elaborate as the one you visited but I still think it'd be neat *history nerd too*

Fried apples sound amazing D:

I'm glad to hear you had a great time, despite the hangover. The Titanic museum sounds like an awesome place!

Sounds like fun :)

The Titanic museum sounds like fun.

The hangover must suck, but it sounds like you had a really great time! And that's awesome. :]

Ahh, the Titanic museums are amazing! I went to one in Branson, MO a few years ago and another one a few years before that. Really need to go again.

I'm glad that you had a good time (despite the hangover!)! ♥

I've never been to a Titanic museum, sounds very interesting though! I'd love to go sometime. :D

Sounds like you had such a great time. :D The Titanic museum sounds really interesting, too.

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