Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I am up, I am packed, it is right at seven and I'm enjoying a glass of iced fruit tea before I go in and wake Jennie up.    Ready for my trip to Gaitlinberg and of course there is the fact that I know I'm going to enjoy myself.  Some of my hungers are gnawing at my stomach but I'm sure that a stop at something fast foody will be in order.    All plans have come together.  Woot.   It's about time I went on this vacation.

I also just wanted to tell Shu that I love her and I highly doubt anything will change that.  (I was a bit off last night, not that well rested but I'm a bit more rested today even though I got the same ammount of sleep.  Probably will want a nap or something like that once we get to the cabin.  Now to creep in and wake the girlfriend up.
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