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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I am not going to bed yet today. I am going on a mini vacation with the girlfriend tomorrow and hence I have to get up at seven a.m tomorrow in order to drive. SOooo.. I'm up. I made a cute Peony icon of him with a rappig. (duokinneas , you are free to use it since you share my Peony!squee). Working in cosmetics tonight, I found it amazing that there were so many cosmetics named Peony and somehow I just bet he paints his nails. (okay so in my head-canon, he does)

Peony♥Jadepig (because we know that Peony needs something to cuddle while Jade is gone on one of his missions).

Been looking for Tales fanart. Mainly because I need to start on my Estellise request. I really want something awesomepants for them. But for now off the record is a Peony icon, all coloured and everything *you can tell it's amateurishly coloured, totally*

Welcome to everyone I have friended. The people I friended are people who do not act/look the same, so you passed my exacting standards (I try to pick people whom I am pretty sure I could pick out of a group of journalers... once everything begins looking the same, I just wash my hands of it)

So if you managed to get friended in my hosted General Fandom meme, it is because you popped out to me as more then.. well journals. Maybe it is because the real you's showed through strongly!

It's a clusterfuck now though. Turned into a monster far bigger then I could control.

So new friends and old friends, tell me THREE random facts about you. I want to get to know you all better!

(Deleted comment)
Oh man, you know I remember the Monkees.. I thought that they were awesome back when I was a little one. I had a crush on Davy (of course) but that was because I had always watched the show on Nick at Night and I wasn't aware that they were much older then from the TV show. But still.. oh goodness.

Homemade Macaroni! Mmm yummy!

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(Deleted comment)
1. I have a tendency to eat the same thing for breakfast for several weeks in a row, then get bored with it and eat something new... for several weeks in a row.
2. I'm currently re-watching Daria for the first time since high school, and I'm suddenly realizing why my mom teasingly called me Daria when I was a teenager.
3. That said, I prefer eyeglasses to contacts, though I did wear contacts for awhile while I was in college.

I prefer eyeglasses too. You couldn't get me to switch to contacts, but then I just like how glasses frame my face.

Have fun on your mini vacay♡

Random facts about me:
1. I am addicted to caffeine, though I'm not a huge fan of soda. I have to have at least two cups of tea every day possibly more! (a mug of Breakfast Tea in the morning, a cup of Green Tea at night...with some other flavor varieties at times depending on what's available), and I like having a cup of coffee at times too. Cafes and places like Starbucks or Caribou Coffee are ones I'll visit frequently if I'm close to one. :D

2. I have a black dot/speck on the iris of my eye that is very reminiscent of a freckle. Coincidentally, Breyzy has a natural streak of white hair that frames her face when she wears her hair down (she used to be called "Rogue" by a lot of people as a joke when the X-Men movies first came out because of it).

3. Our car is a Saturn that we have named "Susie" after our favorite character from the English language version of the anime Zatch Bell. We actually still refer to the car in third-person as "Susie" whenever discussing the car even though it's been years since we were last interested in that show. XD

~I hope the two of you have a great time on your mini-vacation tomorrow! *hugs* ♥

Mmm you know what's really good. EARL GREY TEA (it tastes like non-sugary fruit loops.)

Also that's awesme about the rouge streak and the eye dot on the iris.. it's definitely something that makes the both of you unique.

1) I secretly wear glasses, but only while driving. I just can't bring myself to wear them anywhere else! contacts creep me out though, not gonna touch those.

2) I'm really anemic, so I sleep A LOT. Enough to include it in my favorite pasttimes.

3) I study business...at an art school.

You know, sometimes I wonder if I'm anemic because I sleep way too much and feel really run down when I don't. >.> I know I was anemic in high school but then I gained a love of steak, I don't know if that matters or not.

(Deleted comment)
Oh good! about number 2.. the little girl and I guess I could sort of call her my step daughter, has taken to sleeping on the floor. We finally just dragged her mattress onto the floor but still not sure.*thuds*

1) I am currently on disability because my doctor said (direct quote) "Don't work, you'll kill yourself!" but I want very badly to work and I don't think anything will ever change that. I have a pretty severe work ethic.

2) I write fast. I once wrote 10k words in a single day, and it was a day that I'd spent 4 hours out of the house and 8 hours asleep.

3) I feel lost if I go more than two or three days without writing something-- anything, as long as it's getting words down on paper/screen.

You know, I echo you about the work ethic. When I'm at work, I do work really hard to the point of perhaps killing myself. But hey I know I can work because even though we were not bred for our grace, my family line of Warren was pretty much bred for our teeth and bones. Strong teeth, strong bones, good ability to work.

Wow, that's fast. I bet you are a pro at nanowrimo.

The first three facts that popped into my head:

1. I live on a farm way out in the country, so we have lots of different animals. Cows, cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, horses, etc.

2. When I was 8, we went to Disney World. I had a horrible stomach ache that morning and missed riding the Haunted Mansion. Still one of my biggest regrets.

3. I'm old enough to drive, but I'm too scared to learn.

It's okay, I didn't learn to drive until I was 21. There's no shame in that. Seriously.

Three random facts XD

1) I color code my earrings. Blue earrings in blue boxes, red earrings in red boxes, etc...

2) I talk to myself a LOT without realizing it. I do this mostly in the shower, but sometimes when I'm driving too.

3) I'm terrified of heights... yet I want to go skydiving. BADLY.

You know, I talk to myself alot too.. I'll just have conversations with myself, I think it helps me think better... most likely.

Does this mean I am special? c:

1. When I was born, the doctors told my Dad that I was a boy. It wasn't until later on when he was counting my fingers and toes that he said something was missing. x__x;

2. I can't stand wet towels, they make me SO FUCKING ANGRY URGH.

3. I like to eat my cereal with hot water instead of milk.

So did your dad ever tell you what your name was going to be as a boy?

Hmm, random...

1. I'm 19 and have my license but I'm too scared to drive. :< I need to fix this badly.

2. It's really hard for me to finish video games. I'll either get a new game and forget about the other one for a few months or I'll get stuck and not go back and try again for months. So I have a whole lot of video games and no need for more...but...

3. I do ParaPara, which is a Japanese club dance. It's nowhere near as popular as what it was a few years ago, but I'm an American and we catch onto these things late xD To a bystander, it probably looks like really weird air traffic control to music. Because of this I've gotten to get into conventions for free and met some awesome people ^^

Well hopefully you live in a place where practicing to drive isn't a problem. I'll tell you what helps.. long stretches of road, straight road.. it helps you get comfortable. The most important part is to be comfortable behind the wheel.

I AM EXACTLY LIKE YOU IN NUMBER 2. (My girlfriend is trying to break me of this habit)

Yay, hello new friend!! &hearts

Three random facts about me, hm? Hmmm...
1] I'm a 23 year old guy with a huge collection of My Little Ponies in a curio cabinet in our living room - there's at least 70.

2] I went to a magnet high school for the performing arts for theatre, both acting and stage tech - I moved on to be a creative writing major in college, but didn't get to finish.

3] Digimon was my gateway drug into pretty much everything - anime, fandom, fanfic, fanart, yaoi, yuri, etc etc etc. I wouldn't be the AWESOME? person I am today if I'd never watched it.

&hearts &hearts &hearts

My gateway drug was Sailor Moon, to everything.. to video games.. wow, it's just almost unbelievable what that led to. It's also sort of amazing.

MLP! I wasn't a pony person but I did like MLP because of their design, I think the new design looks bought out. >.>

1. If I want to fall asleep quickly, I pop in a Godzilla movie. Nothing puts me to sleep faster than The Godzilla March.

2. When I say "I like tea" my brain never thinks "black" or "herbal," even though they're overwhelmingly the two most popular types in the United States. This has ended up causing quite a bit of confusion with fellow tea drinkers.

3. I read my horoscope every day, even though the predictions rarely come true.

I fall asleep instantly if anyone puts on Loreena McKennitt, or at least I get really really sleepy.

iced Jasmine tea is my favorite.. mmmmm. That is heaven in a glass.


1. I have a food phobia against 99% of vegetables and fruits. Annnddd I'm not dead yet~

2. I'm cynical about children, romantic love, marriage, and religion, but apparently in an amusing kind of way otherwise most people would dislike me?

3. I HATE bras. lol They so uncomfortable, even the 100 dollar ones.

Oh wow, bras sorta bite I think. I am not a huge fan of them either but I like to feel supported, unfortuantely the only bra that has ever made me feel supported has been a sports bra.