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You stash a sentence here, a paragraph there. There is no real method to your madness, you just make an entry whenever you have something to say, no matter how brief or obscure. You nut, you!

Well now for my little year in review. Last year at this time I was in Qatar working nights in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, listening to music and longing for Alexi. January was a tough month for me, because it started a new year that I couldn't be around with Alexi. February wasn't much worse, nothing more depressing then Valentine's day in a strange land. I had plenty of my stalkers give me candy, however at the end of February I was sent back to good ole Idaho.
March I wasn't at work most of that month, granted 3 weeks of down time, plus I got to spend 2 weeks with Alexi and it was idyllic... Saw Lord of the Rings that month too. All Hail Legolas.
April, Alexi got orders back to Mountain Home and I set about preparing for him coming home. I drifted away from some people online as I realized that there were other things that I needed to concentrate on.
May, applied for base housing and that is about it.
June, Everyone left to deploy.. EXCEPT ME! *whee's*
July, my husband came down on the plane.. to stay for good. We settled into our house and got tons of house warming gifts, oh yea and I got off the Weight Management program.
August, We got our kittens, Shaoran and Violetta.. two little 6 week old stinkers.
September, I turned 23 and I got put back on phase two of the weight management program, damn the military
October, worked on the CRS haunted house with my husband and then we went to California. Visited with my Aunt Cathy and went to Medieval times.. we spent Halloween night at Knott's Berry Farm.
November, first day we were in Disneyland, the most magical place on earth. We came back with tons of junk and then we had thanksgiving with Robbie and Pammy and Dimitri. (Unfortunately Pat too)
December, I was at MOAB for a week, I got off the weight management program, again.. and celebrated Yule in the first annual Westphal Holidays. I got a Gameboy Advance and Kingdom Hearts. *yay's*

Anyways happy New Year everyone. Gonna watch Goldmember now!

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