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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Icon Suggestion Post :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
First TEN people to comment must give me a choice of TWO subjects I can icon for isoylent (they can be characters and/or pairings, as well as general series or places and/or food.) Then I will put out three icons of the subject I pick out of your choices. +I can refuse to icon something on grounds that I don't know that series enough +if you want to keep one or two for sole usage, then that's awesome.. just be sure to clarify it or else it will go on isoylent.

*added note: If you requested last week and got your request filled, please do not request this week. Let someone else do some requesting. Thank you!

1 x Vincent Valentine
1 x Laguna Loire
1 x Squall Leonhart
1 x Lenne
1 x Cid Raines
1 x Hope
1 x Vanille

1.) | Tales of Vesperia | Estellise | Mod's Choice |
2.) | Tales of the Abyss | Jade Curtiss | requested by my lovely girlfriend, shuufish |
3.) | Umineko | Deranged Strawberry Shortcake/Trollkastel i.e Lambdadelta/Berkanstel | elegante
4.) | Tales of Vesperia | Rita | requested by vriska
5.) | Misc | Insanely Adorable Bunnies, Kittehs & CUTENESS |
6.) | Hetalia | Germany/Doitsu | denshi_no_ultra
7.) | Sailor Moon | Sailor Mercury | lunaryss
8.) | Hodgepodge of Series and pictures | kkscatnip
9.) | Macross Frontier | Michel Blanc | Another mod choice
10.) | CardCaptor Sakura & Tsubasa | Clow Reed | athenaltena
11.) | Misc | Rain and/or Night Sky | koyaaniisqatsi
12.) | Macross Frontier | Sheryl from Episode 24/25 | kusanagi_karin

Requests are STILL OPEN

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(Deleted comment)
Actually as much as I love the game.. the art for that game is very very rare so I am afraid I'm going to ahve to pass on that as being too difficult for me (however if I ever stumble across Rune or Hahn fanart, I will keep you in mind.

Either the Deranged Strawberry Shortcake/Trollkastel (Umineko) or some Luke/Tear (Abyss)?

Edited at 2010-05-23 02:24 am (UTC)

Oooh, yay, Estelle! ♥ I'm looking forward to seeing those ones a lot, all of the characters in that game are great.

Hm... For a request, are you familiar with the Persona series at all? I'd really love some icons of Akihiko from Persona 3, but if you aren't familiar with it, some Rita would be nice too. You can't have Estelle without Rita *A*

RITA! ♥ Some Rita coming right up (of course you can't have Estelle without Rita YAY!)

Jade demands more icons, so give me Jade!

Of course, Peony says that anything that jade demands.. along with much HANDS IN THE PANTS! ♥

If possible I would like to request an icon of Haibara Ai from Detective Conan!

I'm not familar with the Detective Conana series unfortunately. -_- I apologize.

Can you make bunny icons? Or just anything insanely adorable would be grand! 83

Yes, I have a folder exclusively OF INSANELY ADORABLE. I will plunder it for this icon request.. mwahahahahaha.

I think I have never requested anything, so if I may:

Germany from Hetalia!

I would prefer a funny icon with some words that describe the mood of it (like the one I used in this post :DD), but a fanart icon where Germany looks really cool is good too.

Yay Doitsu! I am on it! (I am sure I can do something funny. And really I'll be posting three icons so it'll be fun! ♥ You'll get a funny one and maybe a cool one too!

Hrm. *taps chin.* Oh oh oh! How about... signs of the Zodiac? :D

Don't mean to be rude, and I hope I do not convey myself as such but I'm only accepting requests this week from people who haven't had a request filled last week. Perhaps next week. (you are always good at getting a slot, so I really just want to make sure that people get slots for their suggestions)

I dont think I requested anything last week, but if i may, some Sailor Mercury?

Wait, I think I did. Nevermind...

Edited at 2010-05-23 10:47 pm (UTC)

Reserving slootttttt!

I'm going to come up with specific images, if that's okay? :O (I'll give you like, five, so you can pick and choose?)

Oh that's awesome actually. I can do that! ♥

What about Clow Reed? Are their enough images of him around?

YES! I will do Clow Reed *squees*

That request is like Christmas!

Can you do some icons with rain and/or puddles or some involving the night sky?

Lame requests are lame. ;o;

Yes! and it's not a lame request! ♥

I'd love to request some Sheryl icons from episodes 24/25 because they are impossible to find D:

Alright, I think I can probably do that! ^_^ Everyone needs more Sheryl icons!

... damn. >_> I don't suppose I can also ask for Jade? Because that would be awesome. ;_;

I will do a double batch of Jade. Because hell, it's Jade!

It's probably too late for me to request something, but maybe you can keep me in mind for the next icon round. :) Maybe some Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon? <3

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