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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Firstly, I SO TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THIS ICON. Epic Nia/Simon icon is epic. I remember going "SHU SHU SHU NIA SAYS HELLO TO SIMON IN THIS PICTURE!" right before I iconned it, and then she was like "LOL HELLO INDEED!".

In Gurren Lagann Gakuen, that is how Nia and Simon met. She fell on his face. A prelude of things to come? PERHAPS!

(for all of you who do not know, yes I am a wibbly Nia/Simon shipper. And I do not like Nia just because she shares my name *even though I was resolved to like her because of all the rampant hate that I saw on 4chan.. and then I was like, "Whaaaa but what did cute Nia do?". I persist she is not a sue even though there are legions out there who think that she is. Remember Gurren Lagann is about going overboard with the archetypes. Kamina was extra gar, Simon was extra angsty, Viral was extra furry, Yoko was extra sexy and Nia was extra moe. (oh yes, let's not forget about the extra gay guy.. you know who I am talking about!)

Oh oh oh I am almost done with the icon requests. Instead of playing Fable II, I started instead upon the icons and I actually got alot done, all I have left is Sai (of whom I keep getting distracted by the KakaIru pretty and then forget about Sai.) and then Ghost in a Shell. I am hoping to get this done upon waking up. Here's hoping. If in fact I get it done, I'll probably be taking requests again (and if in case I do, please remember that if you got a request filled this week, please stand down so that other people can request for the next update.)

I go back to work tonight. SAD DAY. But hey, girlfriend comes back either today or tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that and to kisses. Mmm kisses from girlfriend ♥.

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There are people who hate Nia? O___O I thought sometimes she was too cute, but she had so many cool moments in the anime, she's pretty awesome.

Oh god, yes.. they think she's a mary sue or something along those. (but hell, she's a gainex girl.. gainex don't make mary sues..) Yes I think she's awesome too but oh man, I remember seeing all the hate and such and then going "I NEED TO SEE FOR MYSELF" and then I did.

Hmm, that would never even occur to me, I never saw her as sue...

But at least one good thing came out of all the hate - it made you interested in watching the series :DD

Yes and I found out that Gurren Lagann was really just unbearably awesome!

You guys are so cute, it makes me so happy, i don't know why. >.


Awww Kamina..you know, when I saw that part I was "WTF" because that was just really soon, dude, that was only episode 9 or 10.. just unbelievable.. I definitely mourned him.

Good luck with the icon requests, and I'm sorry about you having to go back to work tonight (even though I need the money, I'm always a little sad when I have to go in for later shifts at my work). But yay for being able to spend time with your girlfriend soon too--that will make it all worth it! ♥ :D

Oh I will complete them today, I'm feeling lucky! teehee. And yes I can't wait to see my girl!

You know, you are so sweet! a comment from you always makes me happy just because you are one of the nicest people on the net ever!

I am home! ♥ *kiss* Too bad you are at work. But soon we will go away together!

Yes I know. *kisses back* I didn't want to be at work becaues I knew you'd be home.. but I finally got through the day. *hugs*

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