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[[ Birthday ]]- September 9th 1979
[[ Age ]] - 23 years old
[[ Astrological sign? ]] Virgo with Scorpio Ascendant and Taurus Moon for those of astrological mind. See how much you can figure out about me from -that- combination.
[[ Location ]] - Mountain Home, Idaho
[[ Sexual Preference ]] - Bisexual, I like women but I am picky.. very. There is only one currently that I love in a more platonic way and that will remain a secret, I know there are people out there that can easily guess.
[[ Marital Status ]] - Married to Alexi Westphal, probably the best man that I have ever had the pleasure of going out with much less marrying
[[ Current Hair color ]] - Reddish something or another.
[[ Eyecolor ]] - Green.. oh when irish eyes are smiling.
[[ Parents still together? ]] - No, my mother died when I was younger, and my dad has been married 6 times, yes he is somewhat of a player.
[[ Pets? ]] - Shaoran and Violetta, I should post pictures of them, the little gooberballs of fluff.
[[ In school/graduated? ]] - Graduated High School, skipped out on alot of community college and finally joined the Air Force.
[[ What do you do for work? ]] - I am a Computer Specialist for the military.. wheeee..
[[How much do you make? ]] - Not enough unless you consider all the "freebies" we get (they are highlighted because they aren't really freebies.)

[[ Black and White/Color ]] - I dunno, I guess color.. I am not picky.
[[ Black/White ]] - White generally if you think in a non color aspect.. in favorite colors I do like black
[[ Red/Blue ]] - Red.. gimme crimson bloody red.
[[ Dogs/Cats ]] - Kitty!
[[ Roses/Daisies ]] - Violets.
[[ Hair: Short/Long ]] - Long for guys.. though I prefer short hair, it is easier to upkeep, I am lazy..
[[ Boots/Shoes ]] - Combat boots.
[[ Dark/Light ]] - Shadowy darky lighty
[[ Day/Night ]] - Nocturnal most definitely
[[ City/Country ]] - Country, I like a place where I can go outside and think and not hear a bunch of cars and city sounds.

[[ Color ]] - Purple, black and silver
[[ Animal ]] - Kitties, bunnies and moogles.
[[ Soda ]] - Cherry coke
[[ Food ]] - Fried Okra
[[ Bands ]] - Check my playlist located in an earlier post.
[[ Movie ]] - Lord of the Rings and Two Towers! Elf BOIS
[[ Extracurricular Activity ]] - Sex *evil grin*
[[ Have tattoos? ]] - I will get a purple rose, I promise.
[[ Piercings? ]] - Ears, once pierced.
[[ Have a boyfriend/girlfriend ]] I have an imaginary Gackt under my bed but my husband keeps stealing him.

Have you...
[[ Stolen anything? ]] - I was pathetic, I used to steal from thrift shops.
[[ Smoked? ]] - Never
[[ Pot? ]] - Uh?
[[ Crack? ]] - I am a crack monkey, -not- a crack smoker
[[ Drank? ]] - Yup, drinking right now
[[ Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? ]] I drank so much that I misprounced my husband's name..
[[ Considered being a hooker? ]] A few times, then my virgo ideas go rearing their ugly head and I say phhhhhhhhhhhhsht
[[ Maybe a pimp? ]] - I am a pimp, me and my Shaoran are grand daddy pimp masters of funk.
[[ Cheated on someone? ]] - Uh, okay so I do admit to cheating on Mel.. but she cheated on me emotionally first.
[[ Been married? ]] - *flashes ring*
[[ Been divorced? ]] - Nope, and don't intend to.
[[ Are you psycho? ]] - You have to be to live in this world.
[[ Split personalities? ]] - 206 personalities and they all go here http://im-chat.com .
[[ Schizophrenic? ]] - No.
[[ Obsessive? ]] - Extremely, my husband tells me I am every night.
[[ Compulsive? ]] - I am a virgo, the two are synonomous
[[ Obsessive Compulsive? ]] Hehehe.. guess why I am laughing
[[ Anxiety? ]] - Constantly
[[ Depressed? ]] - It usually is a good kind of depression, I find that at times I need a certain ammount of rain to cleanse myself.
[[ Suicidal? ]] - Never.. morbid yes. but suicidal no.
[[ Homicidal? ]] - Me, homicidal.. har. Antisocial, yes.. homicidal no

*Kissed someone of the same sex: *eyes wiggle*
*Been in love: Who hasn't?
*Been so drunk you blacked out: No, haven't blacked out yet
*Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend?: *shifty eyes* I already answered this
*Kept a secret from everyone: I can keep a secret for as long as I have to. It isn't hard for me.
*Set a body part on fire: Ummm.. no!
*Had an imaginary friend: I had more imaginary friends then I could count, I think I had an imaginary town.
*Called or seen a psychic: No.. I read my own tarot cards thank you very much
*Ever cried at a chick flick: *heh's* I cry at movies.
*Had a crush on a teacher: No, I went to a christian school where they were all ugly and old
*Found a cartoon character attractive: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SO FUNNNY!
*Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the block tape: Yup, I was obsessed with them way back in the day
*Wear eye shadow: I am on a non-makeup phase, au natural.. how it should be.
*Have a dog: No.
*Want a tattoo: MRAWE
*Have any regrets: Of course, you just shouldn't dwell on them because they are in the past.
*Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend:
*Have a crush on someone: Yes, Lucius Malfoy.. that quiz earlier.. I FUCKING RIGGED IT!
*Do you have a best friend: Yes, Viv and Alexi.
*Who do you go to for advice: Jesse most definitely. We both have gone through the school of hard knocks and made it
*Who knows all your secrets?: I don't think -I- even know all my secrets, they are just -that- good.
*Who do you cry with: Alexi, I am not afraid to cry in front of him

*God/Devil: I believe in the Goddess
*Yourself: If I can't believe in myself then I would be pretty much fucked. I find it hard to believe in other people though
*Your friends: Most of em
*Aliens: Yup, saw a few.. the California Desert, things are hiding out there
*Love: Yes
*The Closet Monster: I believe in ghosts.. the bathroom at work is haunted by the spirit of a 6 year old girl. She likes me though..
*Soulmates?: Yes

[what are you wearing] - Jeans and black T-shirt, I am very simple
[where do you buy your clothes] - All hail wal-mart
[what are you listening too] Sarah Brightman's "Deliver Me"
[where do you wish you were right now] - Disneyland

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