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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
❀ Everyone has dirty fandom secrets or guilty pleasures or unpopular opinions.
❀ List five of yours.
❀ Profit!

* I think that rabid yaoi fangirls of any kind need to be shipped off to siberia on principal alone. (no, I do not want to hear about how you are absolutely certain renji/byakuya is canon or about how squall and rinoa 4evah. Crazier still are the ones who think they are Mrs. Sephiroth.

* When I am in a rut about what to think about in the morning to help me go to sleep, I just think about my favorite characters and pairings and then I make them 'kitty slaves'. Gets the juices instantly going.

* I get piffed when I see the terms SasuNaru and NaruSasu. Honestly, SAME PAIRING. I do not understand HOW a certain character on top makes it a different pairing altogether. I especially go "WTF" when I've seen peoplle go "You like SasuNaru and I like NaruSasu.. we clearly can't be friends". I am also aware that this can be tacked up to extremist behavior as well.. see #1.

* Yaoi manga in general actually makes me rage. THERE ARE THE FEW THAT I LIKE, Fumi Yoshinaga, Youka Nitta, Sadahiro Mika, Yamane Ayano. Those are just a few. But seriously in most yaoi, there's the guy and there's the guy-girl. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THIS. Also being a person that is able to switch in pairings, I've come across (before I met my wonderful RPer and girlfriend shuufish) so many people who are like "I think it'd be sexy if your big manly guy just took me and raeped me." WHAT THE FUCK. NO. GO BACK AND READ YOUR GRAVITATION, I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

* Shiori from Revolutionary Girl Utena makes me rage. Alot. Just seeing pictures of her makes me rage. Because of her, in my mind I've turned Juri straight. I just don't like goat-slut, I don't and despite her necessity of being for Juri to become a better person, yeah.. she's vile, she's crazy and I've dated someone who is exactly like her. Never again.

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Lol Gravitation.

I loathe Shiori too.

Any sort of rabid shippers need to be smacked.

Yeah, I remember I got labeled homophobic because I liked Rukia/Byakuya instead of Renji/Byakuya.. and I was like "Dude, you obviously don't know who you are talking to that you could call me homophobic"

I wish I could be Mrs. Sephiroth so I could smack some sense into him because destroying the planet? Not cool. Why not just rule it dammit. So much better and fun that way.


I just do not like Shiori. Ugh. Just no.

You know, my ex-husband once said "Why don't you like, Shiori, she's a lesbian" and I was like "SHE IS NOT.. she's a vile manipulative bitch who is willing to change her sexuality just to get her own way" Those aren't lesbians, those are, excuse-my-language-please, cuntrags.

...I agree with quite a few of these. Especially the first one. Rabid shippers in anything drive me nuts more often than not. ...And after looking up information on Shiori, I can definitely say she wouldn't be a character I'd probably like in anything either. 0_0;

Edited at 2010-05-20 06:22 pm (UTC)

I say live and let live with the shipping. I also do not think I'm less of a lesbian for preferring a canonically gay character in a straight relationship if the alternative is putting her in a pairing with psychobitch. I know that crazy lesbian is a very popular archtype in anime but that's not crazy lesbian (a'la Shizuka from Mai Hime) that's just crazy.

Fumi Yoshinaga ♥♥♥
I don't mind feminine guys in yaoi manga myself, because I like feminine guys! *shallow* But a lot of it is so repetitive and samey D=
And WTF is it with some RPers? Some of them are SO inflexible o_O (And whiny when nobody wants to RP with them!)

But back to the original point of my commenting.... Fumi Yoshinaga!!! =D Her manga is wonderful!
Can't think of anything by the other mangaka you mentioned though; is there anything in particular you'd recommend?? (I'm always looking for something new to read!)

Well Fumi Yoshinaga hooked me with the charm of Antique Bakery, then I discovered the DOUJINSHI she made of her own series.. that lead to Gerad and Jacques. Such a wonderful mangaka.

For Yanane Ayano, it would be "Crimson Spell" with Youka Nitta it is "Haru wo Daite" and then with Mika Sadahiro.. it's definitely "Under Grand Hotel" and I like feminine guys too.. but not overdone feminine guys, I like to be able to tell that they are still guys. It's I guess just a little quirk I have but it's not bad really, the rpers make me even angrier just because they should know better.

I am glad I removed myself from the 'dating pool' so to speak. Shuu is all that I want and she's damn good.

I don't understand rabid shippers - it's just a fandom, take a chill pill =/

I don't rage at yaoi manga, I lol at it. I mean, it has things like this -

Seme says to clueless uke: It's alright, men have a hole, too.
Uke: Hole?! He can't be talking about my nostrils...

Oh my god, that was hilarious! Maybe it was doubly hilarious because I woke up from my nap.. idk

Hah, I agree with you on all points, and so far you're the only person on my list I've looked at who actually posted unpopular opinions - the sort that'd get you yelled at, theoretically, instead of halfway answers like "I don't like most fanfic in my fandom" or something.

I hate Shiori. There aren't many characters I hate unconditionally, but she's one of them.

You know, I don't believe in going halfway about things. I tend not to piddle around points or be wishy washy, if I say something I'm usually going to mean it. When I don't like something, I'll usually say it. I have more but I sort of just put up the main ones. (and granted, people like Mrs. Sephiroth do not make me rage, they make me laugh, in that nervous and rather uncomfortable way. I would love to call myself Mrs. Harcourt.. if in fact Sigurd was -real-.)

I am the same way, there are very few characters that I actively hate, I didn't even hate Akio all that much.. but Shiori, perhaps it was just the blatant way that she went around and played everyone. No one likes a rat.

1. Pretty much agreed, especially about the OC Mrs. Sephiroth shit. I've seen it...and its scary. What I've seen that bothers me more is when someone is unfairly called rabid just because they say they like a certain yaoi pairing and when its a main stream one, it happens more often. But, yeah, that's partly the fault the real rabid ones giving off bad reputation.

4. THIS THIS THIS. I've seen this one come up every time I read this meme. My biggest dislike is rape used for angst or lol. Just, NO. It's cool if its developed and worked out, but nope. Its all always--->rape happens-->uke cries-->they have kinky sex-->I die a little inside. I'm also more into versatile uke-seme pairings, so uhh, I'd rather have both look fairly mainly, medium built, or at the very least the girly one has to have a backbone. Gravitation, I've just resorted to making fun of, hense the icon.

Edited at 2010-05-20 10:58 pm (UTC)

You know, it's alright to be gung-ho about a pairing, seriously. I think that it goes over the line and becomes rabid when they try to actively convince you that all other pairings involving those two are wrong. That is when it becomes rabid. I love canon pairings honestly, I also really do like the not-so-canon pairings... I am not a completely out in left field shipper when all is said and done, but when someone comes up and says, "You like this pairing, that's not canon". and usually my response is, "I know it isn't.. what do you take me for, an idiot?" they usually think that I'm going to argue with them that it isn't canon. Ike/Soren.. not canon. I mean you can -read- it as canon if in fact you get Ike/Soren their full levels and they run off together at the end of the game but since it's a very loose interpertation (hey Viktor and Flik ran off together in both I and II of Suikoden, take that as you will).

I've run into true rabidity and it's not pleasant. They usually choose to ignore all logical facts that are looking right in their face and go right for the childish name calling (I.E homophobe for the yaoi camp, psycho for the anti-yaoi camp). You know, the only pairing fandom who I've really had no problem with has been the yuri crowd.. must be all that tea they are drinking as they discuss cherry blossoms in the park.

Mmm cherry blossoms.

Ahahaha, you know I do not find rape sexy at all. I think it's vile and being a victim of rape myself.. I don't buy into it, I don't like to read about it. It has to be totally consensual... (now raep, totally hilarious.. that's what my cat does to me with her eyes when I don't get her the munchies). and I agree if there is some feminity in one of the characters, I prefer there to be a bit of backbone, a spark and fire to them, that will usually draw me in most assuredly. (I've seen many fanartists draw Shinon in a very.. girly way, but then I remember what an asshole Shinon is and then I laugh)

Wtf, I didn't realise there were differences between how you order the names in a pairing. o___O;

Oh yes, evidentally there are, I think that it's all dependant on which one plays the girl that night.

A lot of yaoi manga reads exactly the same. A disappointing amount of it is cookie-cutter buttsex with flimsy plots and flat characterization. :/ I do like the mangaka you mentioned though. ♥

I met a RPer once who asked me to play out a rape scene with one of her characters in our first conversation. I was a little baffled by that and it really put me off.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislikes Shiori. I understood some of her issues but it didn't make her treatment of Juri any less despicable.

Oh gods I hate the formulaic mess that is yaoi nowadays. I remember when it was new and I'd buy every one regardless of how good it was, then I realized that I was buying the same story, now I keep it toward anything Fumi Yoshinaga writes.

squall and rinoa 4evah ..but Rinoa has a vag last time I checked D: Or did you mean Leon/Cloud?

lol kitty slaves.

Well I was talking about rabid shippers of all kind, both het and yaoi.. since they do exist. That's about it. Yeah Rinoa has a vag, in my eyes she wouldn't of been improved even if she had been a boy. -_-

Omg, so much agreement with #1 and #3. I... really, really don't like those extremist fangirls. Ugh. I remember I was at the bookstore about to read Loveless, and some girl there was like, OMG, YOU LIKE LOVELESS? And I say, yeah, It's a great manga. And she's like, OMG, THAT'S AWESOME, BUT YOU CAN'T TOUCH SOUBI, SOUBI'S ALL MINE!

... and I'm like... goodbye. -_-;; Seriously? Claiming fictional characters is for ... middle schoolers. And immature ones, at that. Goodness gracious.

And I so agree with the top/bottom business. For one, I'm a big believer in equal relationships where there's push and pull. one of my favorite things to do with pairings is find situations where the established 'dominant' pairing is switched. Aka, if the fandom consensus is that Satoshi tops Daisuke, then by golly I will find situations where for some reason, Daisuke is the one in control. All in-character, of course, or else that voids the purpose. I think it's very circumstantial indeed. And on the other hand, it's unrealistic to think that they would ALWAYS be in the same position...

Random extra question: Fire Emblem can be taken as gay? *perks up* Ike? Ike is hot. He has a connection with another guy? This Soren? *really intrigued now* .... I want to play this game now, lol. Which Fire Emblem is it?

Uh-oh.. we have another convert. *snickers* Yes, Soren and Ike hold enough substantial subtext to make it so that they'll have plenty of buttsecks. Seriously! It is Path of Radience and Radient Dawn. Ike and Soren who appear in both games. If you like Fire Emblem, you'd definitely like that game. And I agree with you about finding ways to switch it up. See I really like Final Fantasy Crisis Core and I like Angeal and Zack, it's almost expected that Zack is bottom but I think that it's fun if switched up if Zack tops Angeal some times. And no it isn't fair for people to be placed in the same box.

OH MY GOD DIDN'T SHE KNOW THAT SOUBI IS MINE? (j/k) seriously, when people claim characters, that's just riding the fail boat right there. *shakes head* Oh I would love to claim Sigurd Harcourt as mine own, but not realistic. *thuds*

"I think that rabid yaoi fangirls of any kind need to be shipped off to siberia on principal alone. (no, I do not want to hear about how you are absolutely certain renji/byakuya is canon "


I have no issue with Yaoi but it's never been my thing. And I have/nor will ever be a fan of the renji/byakuya pairing.

Well I've been called a homophobe because I told someone that I really liked the Byakuya/Rukia dynamic and they were like. "RENJi/BYAKUYA HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE YAOI OMG HOMOPHOBE" and I was like 'I'm not, I like Shunsui and Ukitake in the same bed... I do not have to limit myself to just pairings involving buttsecks" that however blew their mind and then they signed off of chat, probably because I introduced a concept too big for their head.

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