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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I was reading through some of the Eroica scans on mangafox since I found out that CMX was being shut down. (and I really need to go and quickly order the missing volumes of Eroica so I'll have at the very least what was put out). I was reading the forums and someone asked the question. "Who is the Uke in the relationship" and that made me laugh because pretty much all of them answered the question in the way I wouldn't of.

"Klaus is uke because.." (complete with picture references)

"Dorian is uke because.." (complete with picture references)

Now, how about my take on the matter. As you all know, I do not like pairings that I do not percieve as to be inequal. I think that Klaus and Dorian both have their times of submission just as they have their times of dominance. however... I see that as far as personalities go, Klaus has the bigger uke going on. Dorian is always the sexual predator where Klaus is concerned whereas Klaus has the biggest self rightous martyr complex going on, on the face of the planet. No matter how much I see Klaus topping, yes.. he's always going to say he doesn't want it and remain a good german choir boy at heart.

Just like I see Dorian being like, "Oooh Major, you can cover me with that strong sexy body any time".

Just like any pairing, it's not clear cut. Not to mention 70s shounen-ai doesn't have alot of the problems that the genre has nowadays. Perhaps it was because women either wanted their gay men to both look like girls (as a case of "Song of Wind and Trees") or both to look like MEN (from Eroica with Love). It's something interesting to think about, certainly.

Now with that being said, now I'm back to oogling Klaus and Dorian oogling each other's arses in chapter 6 (and yes even Klaus was, despite all protestations that he's a good german boy)

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I'm really sad about CMX I like a bunch of their series ):

Yeah me too.. I mean they'll only put out a fraction of Eroica now... so that means the people are gonna be continuing their scanlations of Eroica. It's pretty saddening I think. *sniffles*

CMX was one of the better ones because it catered to eclectic tastes.

Aww, that is craptastic news. It goes along with my craptastic day.

I want to say something witty about Dorian and Klaus. I also want to do your meme but I think both are going to have to wait until I get some sleep.

I love you!

I'm sorry your day was craptastic, Klaus launches nukes at Dorian (it's a sign of love) and CECIL SHARES HIS RAINBOW PUDDING WITH KAIN! *hugs* nad I give you kisses... it's my weekend yay!

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