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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Jason☆thinks you are a low-life
The first item of note in this bitch-ranting is of course not as major as the second (ahahaha saving best for last). But it involves icons. Seriously, I am not someone who cares about opinions or such however when I get a comment saying that there wasn't very many of Tokyo. I calmly explained to her that I didn't do large batch icons. And I don't. My icons are very personalized and I try to make them unique and different, because I take pride in the fact that every icon I create is art of sorts, they are not going to be mass produced. None of my icons are going to look the same, even if I use the same icon or texture on them (like my famous 'red light' texture which is my signature) that is pretty much the only thing that I may overuse, and if I use something on two different icons, there will be a little twist. I am not trashing icons that -are- massed produced, I am just saying that I don' do it. When you produce 300 icons at a time, that takes up way more time then I actually have. Not to mention I want to have time to do other things like play video games or watch anime, download music or click around on nonsensical facebook games.

I do not think I will ever have an icon update that contains more then 50 icons unless of course I am really really bored.

The second item of bitchery really makes me RAGE!

That is fat inconsiderate pigs. I happen to work with quite a few at work. But let me tell you the whole situation.

Last week we had inventory. (if in fact you want to know the joys of a Walmart inventory and my expiriences with one, please refer to this post which was last year's inventory in Sault Ste Marie) And because we did so well on the Inventory, we got a cookout, in which management stays out back at the grill and cooks all of the associates steak and chicken, we have other good stuff out there, like potatos and potato salad, rolls and a variety of desserts from the deli (along with appetizer trays). Well I was like "YAY STEAK!" (because I'm a carnivore.. though Jason thought htat he would of figured i was a veggivore *JASON, NOT A WORD*) and when I peeked back at 1:45, I saw huge heaping trays of well everything, steak, chicken that was barbequed, there was a mountain of rolls and such. It was awesomely yummy. I wasn't worried about not getting anything, and neither was Martine. We trusted management enough hat they were going to make something for everyone and let's face it, I know everyone that goes to first lunch, and so I knew that there was going to be plenty.

2:25 rolls around and I'm like "MARTINE, LET'S GO!" however she was busy doing her before lunch clean up, so I'm like.."Goooo!" and I go back there, and there is like only 4 pieces of steak left, and 2 chicken breasts. My jaw drops because there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that all that food can be gone. Then I see Ricky (who normally takes 2:30 breaks) come out of hte break room and go "I wanna get another plate before I head back". And I knew exactly why most of the food was gone.

BACKSTORY! Ricky is a pig. Inconsiderate too. He rifles the fridge, takes OHTER PEOPLE'S FOOD EVEN IF IT IS LABELED. Example: Jason and Tammy (our managers) bought a pizza to share, put their name on it and everything. Ricky went, ate half of the pizza despite the names on it, and then put it back. Yes Jason called Ricky a fat pig, and yes he's totally right, I've seen him eat an entire bag filled with Wendy's cheeseburgers, like 15 in total. Then I saw Bobby sitting there and then he looked at me and then back at Ricky, "He's on his fifths"


Second shift break hadn't even COME IN YET and here Ricky is, polishing off most of the food!. I mean I know that there were people who probably got seconds, but what the hell.. FIFTHS. I rounded on him and was like, "Management isn't back there cooking anymore steak and chicken" and he was like "So.." and I responded with, "Thanks moron, you being a selfish bastard, has made it so that we only have baked potatos to eat as apart of our inventory celebration, I hope you get sick to your stomach on account of your gluttony" then yes, I walked out and complained to Jason. Yes, there was a line for complaints.

Seriously whatever happened to the whole, "Take a plate, wait until everyone else has taken a plate of food before going to get seconds."

Makes me so fucking mad.

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Concerning the second rant... wow, that's just horrible. I'd be incredibly pissed off too. It shouldn't be hard to consider those who haven't taken taken their share of food yet, but then he's on his 5th serving?! That's just crazy. I can see why anyone would be angry, especially since he makes it a habit. The whole "Take a plate, wait until everyone else has taken a plate of food before going to get seconds." should be common manners. -_-; er.

random: When you said fat inconsiderate pigs, it totally reminded me of "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. The whole thing actually reminds me of a particular scene when all of the animals were lacking food and starting to fatigue from hunger, and the pigs (who are fat and inconsiderate) were hiding and taking the food for themselves in the abandoned human house, laughing away as they stuffed their faces. I wouldn't have remembered that, but I actually watched the movie yesterday.

Yeah, he's inconsiderate in other ways (because he's on maintenace and a few of his co-workers complain of his lack of ability to do any work.) but I do not work with him directly, so all I can really complain about is the fact that while he was stuffing his face, alot of people pretty much got left out.

How does he NOT have heart disease?

That is so inconsiderate, especially taking what isn't yours. Doesn't he bring his own food? My god.

I am sure that he does.. he is really grossly overweight anyways.

As a past Walmart employee, I feel confident in saying that there's one of those nasty bastards in every store. I was working ICS for my first inventory and because of our shift time (read: 20 hour shifts), we were faced with the same thing, right down to it being the same guys that hijacked the contents of the fridge on a regular basis.

And don't let the comment in isoylent get to you, especially since those Tokyo icons came out really beautifully.

Oh wow so you feel my pain. Oh man, ICS. I can actually do ICS stuff, which is why I get dragged, really I can do everything in that goddamn store. (including binning stuff in). and it really sickens me, it is WHY WE CANNNOT HAVE NICE THINGS!

Well she was very polite.. so that's a good thing. that is why I was pretty much polite to her.. and YAY TAKUMI (favorite character in NANA)

Wow, that just sucks. So thing that made me angry today: (okay two things)

One: People who knock on the nursing room door. As if you can actually hurry a nursing baby with a knock. (Actually you can if your baby is a nervous hampster like Soren, because the knock scared him and made him cry so he wouldn't eat.) So, yeah, the knock worked but if there is any goodness of the universe, that person is going to get what's coming to them.

Two: Middle school kids that get on the carosel and take up all the middle horses, which is the only place children under 36' can ride. Yeah, I had to take Midori back in the line because there was only outside horses left.

I hope your night at work is better tonight. I love you!

Oh it was.. I did alot of work.. and I sweated alot, so much that I pretty much had to chuck my entire wardrobe in the washing machine. But hey at least I'm getting paid. And yes, well management hasn't said anything to Ricky probably because it's not good management issues to call someone a fat pig, I just wish that they would of called him out on it.

I don't think it's so much that he's a fat pig (although don't get me wrong, that's gross), the issue is that he acted like a selfish inconsiderate bastard and spoiled it for the rest of you when you'd worked hard! He can't exactly be a "team player" with an attitude like that, they should've said something to him... he wasn't the only one who did that inventory thing after all, why should you guys be left unrewarded? ¬¬

It's sad but Walmart is an evil dictatorship like that. He spends most of his time brownnosing. -_-

Wtf? Srsly....Just...Wtf? O_o

What happened to having, ya know, manners? I refuse to get food until everyone already has/had some!

Maybe he has a disorder or something? I mean, I can't honestly see a normal person doing that but hey, I've been wrong before. :| If he keeps doing that, he's gonna kill himself....Or someone else will for taking their food. x_x

There are also people who just eat and eat and don't stop. He's sorta overweight.. and he moves slowly when he works, so I think that he just can't stop eating or something. Hey tha'ts alright, but really he should just bring extra food.

Omg, that's awful. D: I would be pissed too. >.>

Orz, I'd be angry too! That is so inconsiderate of him! :/

~And, orz...I hate it when people do things like that regarding icons as well. I tend to make big icon posts whenever I do post icons, but only because I very rarely ever update my graphics comm in general (lolz, I think it has been, like, a year since I last updated O_O;) so I kind of have a massive stockpile of them whenever I do get around to posting...but, I kind of prefer smaller icon posts in general! They look neater to me and more personalized too, hehe. ♥

What a greedy fucking cunt, I would've burst him. >(

Ahahaha you just used my favorite word to call someone, I would of called him that word in the post but except that I was not trying to offend anyone too much (when I rant, I tend to use ALOT of bad words)

It's my favourite word too! I use it a lot and always upset my friends with it. >___>;

Your icons are ALWAYS brilliant, Nia. As for Mr. Inconsiderate Bastard, well, there's always the making of poppets and jabbing them with an endless supply of sharp objects. ::nods firmly::

*hugs* I've never heard good things about working at Walmart. I would tell you to leave that place for somewhere better for you... but I know it's not that easy to find a new job now. :(

I don't think that commenter meant it that way. I saw it more like, "I wish there were more of these beautiful icons!". But it's good that you stated your philosophy regarding your design work. :)

Oh well see I didn't see that, perhaps it was just because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I tend to do that. I was polite though, I just wanted to clariify myself I suppose so it wasn't really a bitch ranting, not like the other. and Walmart isn't a bad placce to work, not on 3rd Shift. It's just that people who work, coworkers are inconsiderate, just as inconsiderate as the customers. I really do have a good time most of the times.

*Not sure how I ended up here, probably from somewhere yaoi-related...*

Anyhow, I work for Kmart (rawr, we're mortal enemies! *hiss*) and our store manager is exactly like that, so I know what you mean, I just can't complain about it to anyone. That would go over really well, "Hey Jim, could you stop being such a greedy fucking fatass and save some for the rest of us?" Totally wouldn't get me fired at all lol. XD

Ahaha well no matter. I don't care, and hey I like visitors. MORTAL ENEMIES. Well honestly, I worked for K-mart too at one point in time. Walmart isn't really all that great, the only good thing is that people at walmart act epic during Blitz. >.> Ah, a fatass pig manager. I feel sorry for you!

I often hear that Walmart is either really good/bad depending on the specific store, more so than the company as a whole. The one near me is terrible, with the employees frequently coming off as borderline suicidal, but the one a few towns over is awesome.

Gah, pitied by the enemy, how very far I've fallen! =P

my famous 'red light' texture which is my signature
I really like icons with this kind of style especially if it's used properly.^^ I don't get why people in icon communities consider it primitive/ugly. I guess the abuse of it last two years ago was too much and people got tired of it.

Icons more than 30+ are already many to me. And yeah I agree with you making each icons unique. :D It's rare for iconmakers to be that anymore. They all go for quantity over quality. Not to mention, that at first glance most of their icons look the same even though they contain different images. :/

On the second rant... He is one BIG GLUTTON! I thought people like that don't exist. D8

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