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The first item of note in this bitch-ranting is of course not as major as the second (ahahaha saving best for last). But it involves icons. Seriously, I am not someone who cares about opinions or such however when I get a comment saying that there wasn't very many of Tokyo. I calmly explained to her that I didn't do large batch icons. And I don't. My icons are very personalized and I try to make them unique and different, because I take pride in the fact that every icon I create is art of sorts, they are not going to be mass produced. None of my icons are going to look the same, even if I use the same icon or texture on them (like my famous 'red light' texture which is my signature) that is pretty much the only thing that I may overuse, and if I use something on two different icons, there will be a little twist. I am not trashing icons that -are- massed produced, I am just saying that I don' do it. When you produce 300 icons at a time, that takes up way more time then I actually have. Not to mention I want to have time to do other things like play video games or watch anime, download music or click around on nonsensical facebook games.

I do not think I will ever have an icon update that contains more then 50 icons unless of course I am really really bored.

The second item of bitchery really makes me RAGE!

That is fat inconsiderate pigs. I happen to work with quite a few at work. But let me tell you the whole situation.

Last week we had inventory. (if in fact you want to know the joys of a Walmart inventory and my expiriences with one, please refer to this post which was last year's inventory in Sault Ste Marie) And because we did so well on the Inventory, we got a cookout, in which management stays out back at the grill and cooks all of the associates steak and chicken, we have other good stuff out there, like potatos and potato salad, rolls and a variety of desserts from the deli (along with appetizer trays). Well I was like "YAY STEAK!" (because I'm a carnivore.. though Jason thought htat he would of figured i was a veggivore *JASON, NOT A WORD*) and when I peeked back at 1:45, I saw huge heaping trays of well everything, steak, chicken that was barbequed, there was a mountain of rolls and such. It was awesomely yummy. I wasn't worried about not getting anything, and neither was Martine. We trusted management enough hat they were going to make something for everyone and let's face it, I know everyone that goes to first lunch, and so I knew that there was going to be plenty.

2:25 rolls around and I'm like "MARTINE, LET'S GO!" however she was busy doing her before lunch clean up, so I'm like.."Goooo!" and I go back there, and there is like only 4 pieces of steak left, and 2 chicken breasts. My jaw drops because there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that all that food can be gone. Then I see Ricky (who normally takes 2:30 breaks) come out of hte break room and go "I wanna get another plate before I head back". And I knew exactly why most of the food was gone.

BACKSTORY! Ricky is a pig. Inconsiderate too. He rifles the fridge, takes OHTER PEOPLE'S FOOD EVEN IF IT IS LABELED. Example: Jason and Tammy (our managers) bought a pizza to share, put their name on it and everything. Ricky went, ate half of the pizza despite the names on it, and then put it back. Yes Jason called Ricky a fat pig, and yes he's totally right, I've seen him eat an entire bag filled with Wendy's cheeseburgers, like 15 in total. Then I saw Bobby sitting there and then he looked at me and then back at Ricky, "He's on his fifths"


Second shift break hadn't even COME IN YET and here Ricky is, polishing off most of the food!. I mean I know that there were people who probably got seconds, but what the hell.. FIFTHS. I rounded on him and was like, "Management isn't back there cooking anymore steak and chicken" and he was like "So.." and I responded with, "Thanks moron, you being a selfish bastard, has made it so that we only have baked potatos to eat as apart of our inventory celebration, I hope you get sick to your stomach on account of your gluttony" then yes, I walked out and complained to Jason. Yes, there was a line for complaints.

Seriously whatever happened to the whole, "Take a plate, wait until everyone else has taken a plate of food before going to get seconds."

Makes me so fucking mad.
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