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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I didn't go to bed as early as I wanted to because I happened to buy Fable II. And man I tell ya that's an addictive game, however it is also easy in that game to scare villagers by randomly hitting the 'inferno' button and then little hate buttons pop up over their head. Very good game, very much a "you build your own fate' type of game, I've been really good at being pure, except for of course the randomly showing off inferno to the villagers (when they don't want to see it). I woke up, took a bath and hten played more Fable II.

When you pop out the head of some villian you randomly beat, it increases your renown and it's funny because I'm playing the girl named Sparrow and she's like "YAY!" whenever she pops out that head. So cute.

THAT'S IT! That's really all I'm doing. I cooked some semblance of dinner (really without my girlfriend around, sadly I'm just a bachlor and subsist on food that probably isn't so good for me.. it's because I'm lazy and you can't beat Shu's cooking. (two weeks without bread, I CRY!)

Also cinnamint Total Care mouthwash is surprisingly good. Teaches me never to buy the EucalyptusMint generic sam's choice offbrand. (or maybe I just hate eucalyptus.. evidentally am NOT A KOALA.

Have I mentioned yet that I miss Shu? Because I do.


Tell me everyone, what is your biggest fandom that you're really into right now? And I want to know -why- you like it so much.

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I'm trying to talk to someone who said she wanted to talk to me but she's ignoring me now.


Ack, that truly does suck seriously. >.> I hope that goes well, I have done that with a few people.. they say they want to talk and then they just never respond.

fable is awesome ♥

i'm super happy cause my order of animu dvds came from rightstuf ^O^ my sis watched the first ep of Kaleido Star and said she'd blow up Layla's car xD

my biggest fandom is probably still Hetalia ♥ I love it cause it's about countries n history n cultural things and pretty much everything I'm all about. Plus the slash, of course :D

I have always wanted to play

"evidentally am NOT A KOALA"

"Tell me everyone, what is your biggest fandom that you're really into right now? And I want to know -why- you like it so much."
Umm it's kind of split between
Vampire Knight
at the moment.
I enjoy Bleach because well I think it's super awesome and in all honesty I really don't know I just enjoy it.
Vampire Knight I really love because the vampires don't sparkle, there's a great plot, and romance

Hey I don't blame you, Bleach is awesome. though I am such an Ukitake fag that it isn't really funny. Ukitake is my favorite character, probably ranks right up there in top ten animu/video game characters of all time.

And +++++ for vampires that don't sparkle!

Ukitake is pretty awesome though Byakuya in my no. 1 at least in Bleach but he is ranked in my top 10 that's for sure.

Hellz yeah, what the hell's the point for sparkles? Seriously that isn't scary nor sexy.

Right now, because it's over three o'clock at night and I am falling asleep over the computer, but can't be bothered to leave for bed (because I'm alone for once - if you don't count Cat, but I don't since I haven't seen her for six hours while she is sleeping in a cupboard. At least I hope she is), my answer to the fandom question would be 'Fruits basket' - though I might give another answer tomorrow. But it IS one of my favourites, it's the first manga to totally capture me and I like to read things that makes me both laugh and cry (and I'm not a sensitive person as such), and there are some nicelooking characters in it. And I just reread it...
(Now I shall go to sleep and regret not posting this tomorrow when the answer would have been the same perhaps, but much shorter and well written! ;)) Night!

You know, Fruits Basket is a very touching series, not too fond of the manga. (but only because there's two camps. My girlfriend though has read the Fruits Basket series and likes it, but I thought it was pretty good animated so I didn't bother to read the manga. (though I am amused at the fact that certain character is really just a reverse trap.. masterful move)

I'm doing well anddddd let's see biggest fandom...?

Star Trek I guess, I love it because it's..Star Trek...there are so many possibilities.
Also I'm almost always entertained when I go and find Star Trek fanfiction. If I'm bored it's a great place to go :D

Ahhhhhh Fable. I'm trying to get through the first game but it keeps fucking up at certain points, I have two copies and the scratches make some areas unreadable. >(

I miss you! ♥ And what system is Fable II for?

Also, I bet you can guess what fandom I'm really into now.

It is Xbox. I don't buy Wii games because it isn't my system.. and I don't buy games for a system I don't own. any games I buy will be for either xbox, my DS or my PSP. And of course I can guess, because of course it's the same fandom THAT I LOVE! (doesn't help that Raven is like grabbing songs and such, he's such a loudmouth whorefaec. *sobs*)

It's a good game. In this game you can get married, have children, get a job and pick whether you are good or evil.

Oh my! That sounds like a really fun game! I want to play it!

Just from hearing you talk about it so much, I wanna play Fable~ :D

Meh, could be better, but I'm doing alright for the most part. ^^

Hetalia is my biggest fandom right now. Need I say more? It's ust so freakin' awesome for so many reasons! ♥ I love how it's brought so many people from all walks of life together to appreciate different cultures. It's simply amazing and no other fandom has ever accomplished that before. To me, it's a landmark series.

Yeah it is a great series.. not to mention the crack.. not to mention TONS OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR FANDOMS. Most fic I won't read.. but Hetalia, definitely.. because there is always something undeniably awesome about it.

(Deleted comment)
Oh I know, phantasy star is awesome and I'm in the official Rune fanclub. ♥

One of my friends was addicted to Fable! It looked like a lot of fun too, hehe. :D

~At the moment, I guess it would be the anime Rainbow. I haven't been this excited about a new series in awhile, although I have no idea how to explain why I'm liking it so much (haha...me = *FAILS!*). The story is just really moving. :)

Rainbow eh.. is that the actual name for it? *might have to check it out*

Nnnnn, Fable sounds so fun...

My biggest fandom right now is (shocker!) Hetalia. Why I like it? Well...I've been a history nerd since I was ten, but for the longest time it always felt like a shameful thing to me. I remember being twelve and reading biographies of the founding fathers under my desk because I'd get teased if I was caught reading that stuff. And now I find a fandom where...it's okay to be a history nerd? And it's actually kind of cool? *A* It's such a thrill to get to embrace my formerly secret nerd side instead of hiding it. Plus, it's way fun to get to look at historical events from different perspectives like this and make up new head canon for the nations and...I just love this fandom a whole lot.

My biggest fandom at the moment is Final Fantasy, but that seems to a constant in my life. So a more interesting answer might be Durarara!!. The storytelling is just so unique and enjoyable. It doesn't fit into the mold of things I usually watch, so perhaps that why I find it so fascinating.

Oh Durarara!, I've heard that's a good anime I'm thinking about that after Honey & Clover, see I don't know though, I may wait until it's finished too.

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