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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
+Last night I got on the scissor lift. Being afraid of heights (unless I am strapped in) I was having alot of fun going up and down while trying to scan in clothing for inventory. More fun when some JACKSHITS would come up and wiggle the goddamn scissor lift. Thus my need for three cancer-sticks after that episode. My nerves were so shot that I was really not good for anything.

+I went and browsed through a gundam00 community and thought "If I can find ONE Lyle/Klaus shipper, I will add them." (because I try to set goals for myself so that I don't overdo it with the adding people). Alas, none. Which leads me to believe that I and Shu may be the only people in the world who like Lyle/Klaus and grumpy!raeps.

+Yuri, oh yuri. Doing icons for him, I realized that I was trying to make blood splatters in every icon that I was making of him. It was subconscious, inside there was some smartass voice that was going "Batman needs more blood." wait a fucking minute, BATMAN? Old man runs off and hides..


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Haha that sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with the icon-making, you're talented!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, they did know I was on the scissor lift. >.>

Did they know you were on the lift? If so, what jerks! :/


At least we are doing our own thing and not following the herd, yes?

I would object to the raeps.. but I would be lying! ^_^

Yes, I don't want to follow the herd.. better to just prance around in our own field.. there were alot of people who liked good pairings, there was just the rouge Setsuna/Tieria that made me go "HELL?"

There has to be other Lyle/Klaus shippers out there! Perhaps you should be the one to make their fanlisting?

I should yes, but I don't have the time. >.> I wish I did, oh how I wish I did because Klaus/Lyle makes me all sorts of happy. and ohohoho box gundamuu.. awesome!

This reminds me of how I need to finish watching the second season of Gundam 00. I had started watching it when it was airing, but I put it on hold after a few episodes because of school >.>; I don't think I've come across the character Klaus yet. and if I did, I don't remember him.

Okay you know that group of terrorists? The one led by Marina's assistant, the male companion to her is Klaus.. he is sorta of gruff and has sideburns. and *points upward* Shuufish has an icon of him up.

Oh, I think I know him. Hm, I really need to continue the series ~

Ugh, that was horrible of them to do that while you were on the scissor lift! ♥

~Haha, I'll ship Klaus with just about anyone, I think. :D HIM AND HIS AWESOME SIDEBURNS~! He became one of my favorite characters in Gundam 00, oddly enough. :)

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