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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
First nine people to comment must give me a choice of TWO subjects I can icon for isoylent (they can be characters and/or pairings, as well as general series or places and/or food.) Then I will put out three icons of the subject I pick out of your choices. +I can refuse to icon something on grounds that I don't know that series enough but then you can re-request another. +if you want to keep one or two for sole usage, then that's awesome.. just be sure to clarify it or else it will go on isoylent.

1.] | Tales of Vesperia | Raven ♥ | Requested by vriska
2.] | Macross Frontier | Sheryl Nome ♥ | Iconist Choice ---> jyuufish
3.] | Tales of Symphonia | Yuan or Yuan/Kratos ♥ | shuufish
4.] | Places | Tokyo | moonshinefaerie
5.] | Tales of Vesperia | Yuri Lowell | memoryofpride
6.] | Final Fantasy XIII | Hope | umegaki
7.] | D.greyman | Allen | faery_light
8.] | Final Fantasy Tactics | Ramza | kitsune_jade
9.] | Sailor Moon | Ami/Sailor Mercury | lapis_paladin
10.] | Tales of Symphonia | Zelos Wilder | nuiigurumii
11.] | K-ON! | Mio | koyaaniisqatsi
12.] | Sailor Moon | Princess Kakyuu | lunaryss

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Tokyo and Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, particularly Aino Minako/Sailor V/Sailorvenus! :D

That's a really really difficult choice, oh my god. I love both those subjects. I'm thinking though that I'm going to go with Tokyo, just beccause that will be challenging and I want to practice my landscape icons! ♥

I would love Yuri or Duke from Vesperia!

And if you want a wildcard, icons of ramen. I've been craving it like crazy. :

Ahahaha.. this is gonna be a very big update of Vesperia. Since I think I will do Yuri from Vesperia. Since there are so many good pictures of him as well! ♥ (Shu will probably go 'oh my god you beat me to it' but she can request a double-yuri if she wants)

(Deleted comment)
Mmmmmm let's see.

I think that I will do Hope from FF4. He'll be sufficiently awesome to do and yet I won't overkill myself on "MY FAVORITE EVERYTHING". (since everyone is really winning at requests today!)

Can you feed my obsession and do D.Gray-Man? :3

Any particular characters you want me to focus on? (and yes I can, I know D.greyman enough and actually have a rather small section of it over at my icon journal)

Oh hey.

Uhm Final Fantasy Tactic's Ramza, or Chaos Xenosaga?

I did Chaos as a subject the time before last, so I'll do FFT's Ramza Beovule. ♥

Sailor Moon either Usagi/Mamoru or some Mercury/Ami
Inuyasha Inuyasha/Kagome or some of Sango solo


I will do Mercury/Ami! ♥

Ooh! Um, something Zelda (twilight princess in particular) or Tales of Symphonia? :D

Tales of Symphonia! Just name a character or a pairing now!

Mio from K-ON! or Mamoru from Sailor Moon? :3

Since both character I would have tagged from Vesperia have been taken (and hell, I've gotten a Yuri icon already) I am going to grab a different Tales series. Give me Yuan and/or Yuan/Kratos prease!

Sailormoon, Princess Kakyuu or the three Starlights? (Giving you choices) <3

I will do Sailor Moon, Princess Kakyuu!

If it's not too late, Squad 1 from Dolls or older!Doumeki from xxxHOLiC. ♥

I really want to do this request but I don't have anymore slots, so perhaps I can tack it on with the next update?

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