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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

First of all. Have to share this. elegante posted it on her own journal and I was trying not to laugh too hard (because if I did that, then I would wake up Midori)

Also. EXCEEDINGLY PLEASED WITH THE NEW SEASON OF HETALIA. Went right from Japan/Greece to Poland/Liet. "I HAVE TO MAKE PEE-PEE!" <--- Poland, whutdidyousay?. Poor Liet has to put up with alot. But seriously, I feel like a winner because two favorite Hetalia pairings were concentrated on. YAY!

All I have is three more requests to fill. Kaoru/Kenshin will be the hardest, after that it's pretty much cake.

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LMFAO!!! Oh gawd, that vid is pure genius! I laughed so hard! The girl singing has a very nice voice.

Oh I know, I love the new eps of Hetalia! :D They are so focusing on canon pairs now. ;D Dude, Hercules is so damn lax. I feel sleepy just listening to him talk. ^^; Him and Kiku have such adorable chemistry. <3

Poland: momomomomomomomomom~

lmao! That sound is so addicting to imitate. I swear, that guy keeps getting more gay the more he's featured. X3 Love him for it! I love Liet/Poland!

Yeah, I do not think that there is anything in this series that is gayer then Poland, even Liet looks like Captain Manly beside Poland.

lol at the video

About hetalia, I'm happy too because of the Poli/Liet X3 They're so cute! I'm sorry for Greece, his voice is... I dunno, strange, in my opinion. It doesn't suits him a lot, but maybe it's only me lol
By the way, I hope to see crack randomness in the episodes soon.
More than now, yes, aru !

You know, Greece has a really awesome voice.. it's slow yes but I think it's very suitable to the Grecian lifestyle... yes it's slow but I think that it's soothing in a way.

PoLiet = ♥

Totally agree with you about APH lately! I was going to say the same thing when i got around to updating my lj. I feel like such a lucky fangirl :3

That just means that Kitayume LIKES US! ♥

This video is made of win XD

Haha, that vid is awesome! :D

Ahaha that is a win icon! OMG! BALTHIER!

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