Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I'm now on my second wake-up of the day. Honestly, anyone worth their salt who knows me, also knows that UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGANCY I am much more docile upon waking up if I make the conscious effort to wake up, as opposed to being jostled out of bed in a sudden change of plans. I feel much better now, more 'with it' and in a more benign mood more then I did when I was first woken up by Todd and went downstairs with a murderous glint in my eyes.

That is what you get when you add a scorpio ascendant to a taurus moon, bad things happen when things involving sleep are messed with.

At the very least, now I have funnel cakes to look forward to, all because of Kentucky's "Hillybilly Days". Yes, such an event exists and people come from miles away, I can tell that everyone within four counties are here eating deep fried oreos and chocolate covered bacon.

Also, potty-training is so exciting, you wouldn't imagine how exciting it is, especially when Midori clasps her hands together and goes "I'm a big girl!", because yes, she is.
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