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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I'm now on my second wake-up of the day. Honestly, anyone worth their salt who knows me, also knows that UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGANCY I am much more docile upon waking up if I make the conscious effort to wake up, as opposed to being jostled out of bed in a sudden change of plans. I feel much better now, more 'with it' and in a more benign mood more then I did when I was first woken up by Todd and went downstairs with a murderous glint in my eyes.

That is what you get when you add a scorpio ascendant to a taurus moon, bad things happen when things involving sleep are messed with.

At the very least, now I have funnel cakes to look forward to, all because of Kentucky's "Hillybilly Days". Yes, such an event exists and people come from miles away, I can tell that everyone within four counties are here eating deep fried oreos and chocolate covered bacon.

Also, potty-training is so exciting, you wouldn't imagine how exciting it is, especially when Midori clasps her hands together and goes "I'm a big girl!", because yes, she is.

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... Deep fried oreos and chocolate covered bacon?

They also have deep fried Bologna. Which is really the worst of the horrors.


That actually sounds a bit more appetizing than chocolate covered bacon. XD

Well I hate bologna, which is hte inspiring factor in that. >.>

I'm like that too, especially if I'm trying to sleep and my parents keep pestering me to sign shit, can it wait? D:

I'm still amazed they can deep fry ice cream.

EDIT: The sun is still in Aries :p

Edited at 2010-04-17 11:31 pm (UTC)

Ahahaha.. my sun is in virgo, but I happen to have a very well melded chart, all of my water and earth flow harmoniously.

I'm glad you got your funnel cake, even though the festivities were ending.

Also, I am glad that Midori is becoming a big girl, even if I'm always going to miss the baby Midori too.

Yeah, it seems a bit of a let down though, just becasue everything was so filled with good cheer and merry-making and now Pikeville turns into regular old Pikeville which is considerably less fun.


And yay Midori, don't worry.. you'll get to potty train Soren too!

I know, I could have used another day of merry making now that Midori seems to be getting better and has only a low grade fever now.

I'm don't think I'm looking forward to potty training Soren. Now it seems that I have to retrain him to his bed again, he keeps insisting on sleeping with me. :-(

oh but mommy, that's a GOOD thing, he loves you.. and wants to be near you. The cute little muppet!

It's good that he wants to be near me but I don't sleep well when he's in bed with me, I'm worried something bad will happen to him. I woke up having a nightmare that he was lost in the covers, though thankfully he was safe in his basinet at that moment.

Well that is good that he was in his bassinet, I suppose that will be for when he's a little bit older.. sleeping with Mommy that is.

Well, he still spent most of the night in my bed last night, the dream happened in one of those rare moments when he wasn't.

Hillbilly Days? XD LOL.

Evidentally this is the only time of the year where you can call people hillbillies and they won't get offended.

deep fried oreos and chocolate covered bacon? omgggg that sounds awesome gimme some ;-;

Deep fried oreos don't sound -so- bad.. the chocolate covered bacon sounds like an arteries nightmare.>.>

I hate being woke up suddenly too, puts me in a bad mood fr the rest of the day!

Yeah, unfortunately I was miffed by my very male roommate ALL DAY.

I hate being woken up as well. It just throws off the whole day! :/

I can tell that everyone within four counties are here eating deep fried oreos and chocolate covered bacon
~...Oh, that's kind of not very appealing-sounding at all. O_O; But, lolz, funnel cake is awesome though! :D

Oh no, it isn't.. evidentally new and inventive types of fair food is popular here, even though to me it sounds borderline disgusting.

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