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So at any rate, I have an RP post to respond to but first I want to get this off my chest.. I've been pretty much writing this post all night, every since just before lunch. First of all, WHAT IS IT WITH EVERYONE TRYING TO HOOK ME UP WITH PEOPLE.. AND BY PEOPLE I MEAN MEN.

No, seriously.. not funny.

First of all a bit of backstory about this, because yes it involves backstory.

There is this group of women who I 'affectionately' call 'the witches three'. I joke about this in good humor even though it's a disgrace to the email addy I had when I was 20 years old.. thewitchesthree@hotmail.com (now defunct R.I.P.) But anyways they are three women who really just gossip about EVERYONE. They also think that they are holier then thou, well at least two of them do.. the third one usually tries to play double agent between the group I typically hang out with (Jimmy and Martine) I only take this as amusement because i know she hates them, though I don't know why she hangs out with them honestly.

So anyways, last week this guy came in and we actually started a discussion over something. It was an x-box game he was holding and he was talking to Karen (who works in Electronics). He was talking about Death Metal, then I mentioned that I played video games (because of the video game he was holding) and then the conversation slid from that to D&D and then to anime. To which point he told me that I was 'his type of girl'.

So didn't know it at the time, but it was the boyfriend of the witch who works as CSM (customer service manager), and she and Eunice (witch 2) is close, like.. you'd think they were lesbians if they weren't so inherently CHRISTIAN. Witch 1 is 40-something, Witch 2 is 60-something and Witch 3 is 49. Well boyfriend of said witch is 36. Well at ANY RATE.. this is where it gets good.. so keep reading...

Witch 2 is already married. She's been stringing this boyfriend of hers around for awhile, and she gets incredibly upset when he expresses interest in anyone else. Has been reduced to tears, even though she won't leave her husband for him or do anything for him that normal girlfriends do.. you know what I mean. Well at any rate, I told Witch 3 that Witch 2's boyfriend 'hit on me' but only because it was amusing to me. Honestly don't think he's attractive. I have a really hot girlfriend at home and while yes, the flirt oozes from me usually without me realizing it, I honestly do not care for any guy, I've done my guy stint and it didn't work out.

So then Witch 3 (who doesn't know I'm a lesbian.. I'm very selective at work about who knows BECAUSE OF THE SHEER AMMOUNT OF INSTA-JUDGEMENT) says I should 'bang him" because it would make Witch 1 cry. WTF, as much as I despise the group as a whole, I am not going to do something that dumb.. no seriously (I don't hate witch 3 btw, I just think that she's VERY pathetic). But oh joy, guess who comes in to domestics where I'm working, yeah.. the guy. And then Lorraine says "Todd..!" (yeah, ahahaha what a name) "Nia wants to go out with you!" and I'm like "WHAT?" and then there is just this really loud muddle where I'm like "No I do not!" and she's saying "Yeah Todd, come pick her up at 2.. that's when she goes to lunch!" and the scary thing is that he's ABOUT READY TO DO IT! HE IS ABOUT READY TO WAIT UNTIL 2 SO THAT HE CAN TAKE ME TO MUNCY'S.

No no no no nononononononononono

I shout that I'm not going and I kick up a big southern stink, because I'm a good mimic. Then he follows after me and starts rambling to me about his problems with Witch 1, like I REALLY wanted to hear. No I don't, yeah.. I can emphathize with him seriously. I know what it's like to be in a situation like that, I was in that situation for three or four years. But I'm not anymore. I sort of turn to him and say quite frankly, "I'm a lesbian, I have a girlfriend.. it won't work" then he was like "damn, all the hot girls are lesbians" and then I said "She doesn't know, because she has a big mouth, you won't tell her right." and then he promised me that he wouldn't. Then he let it go. So I'm not angry at the guy, seriously. I'm angry at the entire WITCHESTHREE GROUP.

Why do they have to be so fucking nuts and drag me into their petty fights and disagreements. I had to put Basch/Balthier text-smut on hold for this. FUKKIN A

I wouldn't mind it reaching Witch 1 that her boyfriend wants me though, seriously. She's enough of a twat that it'd be quite satisfying to see the expression on her face. Well actually it'll probably reach Witch 1 because Witch 3 has a big gossipy mouth.

Wow, did I vent.

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