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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I have actually been following closely the news article in which a CNN writer stumbles across an ero-game from Japan that is pretty explicit in the usage of rape, and thereby goes on a tangent about how Japan is a place of sin and iniquity, and that they are morally lawless and such things. (it sort of is in keeping with that senator who said that "Anime is the reason why two nukes weren't enough"). Now I in no way endorse rape, I think it is a vile and hideous crime (though RAEP is fine.. there is a vast difference) but I think that this is an issue of 'calling the kettle black'. You don't want your child to get a hold of it, censor their internet time, you can easily block sites like 4chan or such where such things could be gotten with a drop of a hat. And while you're at it, maybe keep down the senseless violence video games, you know.. no more Grand Theft Auto or movies where people get randomly shot in the face.

But my personal opinion, the american press has no right to throw stones at a country who's 'rape statistics' are far lower. Japanese people can handle games about rape because I think they have a largely different viewpoint toward this, they aren't as easily suggestable as america at large is.

But seriously, everything that I could say, Strike Witches Creator Nogami Takeshi says it better

"He who hath no sin, cast the first stone". I really do not think America has the Moral Upper Hand required to do that.

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Yes, I saw something like this on TV a couple days ago. Yes, it is like calling the kettle black. Also the guy who said two nukes weren't enough is a huge asshole. x_x;


Yeah that was very much assholish. I am amazed at the shit that people can spout without thinking it over carefully.

I completely disagree that Japan is better than America about rape and gender equality, because that's really hard to quantify, given the fact that a lot rapes or assaults aren't even reported in both countries. And, it doesn't matter if a work of fiction is targeted toward "rational adults" or not, it does contribute to rape culture in a multitude of ways. I do think it's really hypocritical and racist of American reporters to paint the whole country in one color, though. Especially because our fiction is pretty damn rapey too, a lot of the time.

I'm not saying that japanese culture is right, but it's a very different culture from America. I disagree that Japan is better about gender equality but the societal standards for Japan are completely different. Yes, to America, Japan is evil and such, but to many countries 'we' are the evil ones.

There are many things that I could say, but I think that it stems down to Japan being a culture of repression and duty, while America is predominatly a sensationalistic culture.

It also says alot that the loli anime/manga repel act that they are voting on isn't because anyone in Japan finds it personally objectionable but it's mainly outside contention and pressure.

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Yeah, my words exactly. I just don't know. Parents can be outraged all they want, if they don't like it, they should put better control over their opinion. The internet is an uncontrollable force when you think about it.

I don't like rape unless done in a purely hilarious sense, but I don't play those games. People who are easily suggestable to raping someone aren't going to -need- a rape game to pull that trigger, they are going to rape someone anyways, game or no game. This is just like when they blamed D&D when that one guy mass murdered his family. I'm sorry, but that guy back in the 80s was unhinged 'anyways' and had a problem regardless of if he had played D&D or not.

I watched all of Umineko, but I didn't start thinking it was a good idea to put bombs in candy and feed it to consenting adults at a loli-tea party.

Sorry, I'm just rambling now.

It isn't my fetish at all. I don't see how it can be enjoyable, let alone willingly, when rape is done without consent. It's a huge oxymoron.
Though I agree that RAEP can be...never mind.


That letter tells it like it is! Thanks for that link, I really liked the argumentation in the letter.

As for the actual debate around the game, I don't even. That CNN author might as well immediately declare immoral all the countries where porn films are made. These things are intended for adults, and if an adult claims that games or films made him/her a criminal, that adult had a few loose screws in the first place, it is not the fault of games or films.

Exactly what I said from above comment. If that is the case, well that rules out Hungary and Germany and other countries where excessive porn films are made. (Alot of my favorite lesbian porn stars are from Budapest. >.>) but seriously I really liked the argumentation too.. he made alot of sense. I agree with him completely, but I think that the fact that he was making that he really hit upon was the whole

"He who hath no sin, cast the first stone" and America certainly does NOT have the MORAL UPPER HAND.

Yeah, clever of him to use the Bible as a source for argumentation, too. Nobody died and made the US the vice squad of the world.

The reason why two nukes weren't enough...seriously? Seriously?! They're suggesting that killing thousands and thousands of people is a-okay because of fictional games? Who the hell says that?! Welp, animation is the source of all evil, let's go burn down Disneyland.

There are age limits on things for a reason, something I wish the moral police would pay attention to or at least bother to acknowledge, though they're probably operating under the assumption that animated = for children. Sigh.

I actually know what you're referring to I think. It's that one game titled "RapeLay", right? I only found out about it through crsg's entry that she posted recently discussing the same thing. The game brought much controversy a few years back, and it was banned because of pressure from the western hemisphere, what they thought about the game, and making connection between how playing such a game will influence a person to go out and rape someone. Myself, the game wouldn't appeal to me. But what pisses me off is how even though the game has been banned for a while, it was recently brought up on CNN. What the heck. And not only that, but pretty much the verbally attacking and condemning Japan for it. I don't know.. I could really go on and on about this, it annoys me quite so.

Not that I'm agreeing with throwing stones at Japan, but Japan's rape statistics are far lower because it's very difficult to report a rape there (and to get the charge to stick), not because there are necessarily fewer rapes.

I've been following that article on CNN, too. I was a little annoyed that they posted it once, and then wanted more attention for it so posted it again two days later. The comments are incredibly racist and ignorant, to say the least. As far as racism, I've seen many comments that claim that Japanese people are twisted and sick, and "two bombs wasn't enough" - ugh. Ignorant - about the fact that Japan has one of the very lowest rape rates out there (much lower than the US) and all most girls have to worry about is getting their butt grabbed on a train (never happened to me, though). Not to mention, that article paints Japan as a lot more sexist than it is. Yes, Japan IS sexist, without a doubt - but not like that, more in a way of it being more difficult for women to get better jobs and they're expected to get married and have kids and often be housewives. If anything, real Japanese men (if I may speak in generalizations) are passive around women, the complete opposite of a character in such a "rape game."

To me, that rape game is... well, pornography. Obviously I don't condone rape, but people need to get it into their heads that rape fantasy is a kink in every country in every sex shop, and it's been around since the beginning of pornography. Whether or not it's moral is certainly a debate, but the fact that it's fantasy speaks for itself. Plus, Japan also has erotic games involving men getting raped (granted, usually yaoi, but nonetheless - equally degrading!) so this isn't exactly a one-sided conundrum. Yet, Western parents often let their kids play Grand Theft Auto and don't raise an eyebrow... what is this hypocrisy.

That is actually exactly what I was thinking. I mean yes, I know that there is sexism in Japan, but exactly as you say. I am not condoning rape either but seriously I think that America is basing every country on what happens in -their- borders.

I just got offended that America was trying to act as the moral highground, as if WE can be called defenders of other countries moral integrity. Honestly I think that as a nation America needs to send the message out for greater internet security for their youth and then stop judging other countries. Japan as a country has been around much longer hten we have, I am sure they are a BIG COUNTRY now, wearing their BIG COUNTRY PANTIES.

Needless to say, massive crap is massive crap. You do not take one little thing (in this case, just one game), and use it as a brush to paint the entire nation. And they wonder why people in the east hate so much of the culture of the west.

America in general is just really really trigger happy.

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