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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I miss Shu, the house is so quiet without her. Well okay so she's not very loud, but it's just her presence that I miss. You know one of those presences, she really does have a presence that you can feel. (And there's no baking bread. CRY). But at the very least Lala is here, and she's using this time to see if she can score pluses with me before Shu comes back a'la SIMS3. Unfortunately like any dating sim, the option "stick it in' just doesn't work with me since she's not Lord Ilpalazzo (so Lala gets the bad end every time.. poor kitty)

You're probably wondering where I get my random tangents.. Would you believe that it comes naturally? You would be amazed at the stuff that I -don't- randomly post to my journal. 10% of all of my thoughts only carry over to this journal, around 40 percent more of that has only Shu as the sole audience. Then there is around 20 percent that the people at work see, leaving a good 30 percent unaccounted for (of which probably largely happens on the TV screen in my brainz)

I'm going to go throw myself into bed now, with a cool compress and hopefully I will sleep better then I did yesterday.

Also, Prussia is cute (just watched episode 53 of Hetalia *the World Series season 3* Yeah, when he's hovering over his diary and saying "I was so cute as a kid", yeah, he has a few problems with thee old ego. but still.. adorable!)

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Awww. *hugs* I will be home soon and when I get back I will make sour cream bread!

I am always glad to be privy to your random tangents, I think they are cute and always fun!

SOUR CREAM BREAD, OH BOY! ♥ That's like the best news ever!

Just for you, love! ♥

ha, most of my thoughts aren't in my journal either.

I hope you manage to get better sleep than yesterday too.

...and you were smacked with a fish?

Ahahaha, oh my god. You know, I don't know where half my tags came from, well I know that I got the lesbian milk tag from Soren who is Shu's son, and how he nom's down on the breast.. and while we were watching strike witches, and Soren was feeding, he was entranced by Strike Witches (who are all a bunch of lesbians) and I was like. "Shu, do you think lesbian milk tastes better?" which was random.

The "OMG STOP SMACKING ME WITH A FISH" has been lost, at least the meaning has.

And I woke up rather refresh albeit BLISTERINGLY HOT.

oh, haha, I was wondering about that one too ~


Haha, also I think lesbian milk does taste better. I just noticed that.

*hugs* Most of my thoughts aren't in my journal either (I'm so random in my entries...but, I'm even more random in my head, lolz). Hopefully, you'll get some better sleep! ♥

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