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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
First of all. TWIN STAR ICON!

(<--- not free to use, it's specifically for shuufish because she's my Fang-u)

I seriously thought about anything that I could be doing to help spread the joy of April Fool's and decided that nah, not a whole lot honestly. If I told everyone that I was straight, it'd be an insta-trigger (YOU ARE LYING NIA, YOU ARE NOT STRAIGHT) and I'm giving my classic april fool's joke a rest so that hopefully people will forget about it.

I love Fang/Vanille.. but I think that I can also understand Vanille.. and this is why I do not think she's so bad of a person.

Alot of people say that Vanille is weak, cowardly, lies and such. But I honestly think that not everyone can be uber brave. I see where she was coming from, why she lied.. because she remembered hurting many people in the past, she remembered the war. I think that facing a fairly uncertain future, and coming from a past that was filled with war and fighting, she thought she could prevent it. But the future is maleable.. and well she didn't know. It's very sad and yes she does get a bad rap from alot of fans but I seriously think that she tries to be cheerful but she just is shadowed with self-doubt and unsurity, she provides a perfect counterfoil to Fang who is sure about EVERYTHING.

I do not think that it is weak to be fearful.. and the one time she was going to tell Sahz, I think that would of been a good time for her and she had been about ready to before fate got involved. Circumstances never let her have that chance at bravery. Yes she should of been truthful at the beginning but seriously, the group was aleady a mess of emo, would it of -really- made everything better?

I am enjoying the game, I am enjoying Fang's panties and it's been a very good run through I think (We're on chapter 9).

Tired of icons right now so I may do a few and then just browse japanese fanart sites for the rest of the night, and watch an episode of chu-bra (mindless anime about bras and panties)


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I'm already seeing some Vanille-bashing in my friends list and that isn't cool. Like they're just bashing her before the game even started. X|


Strike Witches. Myself and my girlfreind watching strike witches for a good two weaks disenchanted us on the whole panties thing, considering it was probably worse then Agent Aika. Though honestly enough, myself and my girlfriend STILL like strike witches.

Well I like Vanille, I like all the characters.. even Hope. I think that character bashing is dumb honestly though I can respect people's opinions. I really just wanted to tell everyone why I thought Vanille was worthy of being loved. Certainly she has to be awesome if in fact Fang is willing to "Break the Sky" so that she'll live.

I have not yet seen Strike Witches, and I've heard...nice things about Agent Aika. :D

Oh, I respect your opinion and defense of her character very much so. &hearts

Well Strike Witches is filled with alot of T&A and I thought it was going to be very.. I guess typical. But the characters are oddly enough loveable. It's one of the few straight out T&A shows that I would definitely recommend. Just because of the quality of the characters and their relationships.

Agent Aika.. it just doesn't even pretend but it's still wonderful!

Also if you haven't seen it. Simoun is VERY good.

Ah yes, I love Simoun.. all the characters are really precious. That is my girlfriend's main anime of choice, but I cannot help but have fallen for Aeru and Neverille just like the best of them..

Who hasn't?

I think I favor Mamiina/Rodo.

Although I'm slightly biased towards Strawberry Panic.

...An entire anime about bras and panties? DO WANT.

Chu-Bra.. this one girl.. she isn't a lesbian (well okay in Jyuu-vision she is) is always analyzing other girl's underwear, and has a thing for cute things. She even makes a girl a bra as a friendship present. It's really cute, not alot on the 'intellect feed' department, but sometimes you need something a bit mindless, you know?

Sweet, sweet delicious panties.

Miku's panties has STRIPES! ♥

I watched my friend play through the entire game (in Japanese), and from what I gathered, Vanille's just full of uncertainty. Having the burden of knowing you have this huge world-changing task, and knowing the past, and knowing what wasn't supposed to happen has happened (her reawakening), and knowing that time is running out, I would probably be pressured into all sorts of insecurities myself. I don't think she lies so much as that she's more obviously avoiding facing the issue, trying to work things out herself. She's actual a very 'real' character, in that sense. And I like her!

See, that is why I like her too.. I mean she was awakened with all sorts of memories of what she had been and of her past, and I think that when she re-awakened, she wasn't precisely aware of everything her actions would bring about. It's really a very lovely game and I haven't really liked all characters in a final fantasy like this since.. mmmmm in fact this may be the first Final Fantasy I've wholly liked them all.

I really like how this game plays out too. It's very cinematic in a way, I can see how people are like "This is the best movie I've ever played". (though some of those battles..woah, just super difficult).

Lightening is utterly fantastic too. and Fang. The female characters are amazing, they really hold their own.

She sounds she has flaws; this is honestly the best thing Square could do. I was sick of seeing these amazing characters who hardly made any mistakes since 7, like Yuna, Tidus, then Ashe. Final Fantasy characters should have traits and not always good ones; mistakes are what make us relate to the character more. Since Tifa lied or withheld the truth in the game a lot, I feel like it did her character justice by showing you can make HUGE mistakes but you can also make up for then.

First of all, thanks for the icon! ♥

I think Vanille is an awesome character because not only does she have depth, but she is also young. She isn't a one sided, flat sunshine-y person but is someone who has done what she considers wrong and is trying to find a way to make amends, and yes, maybe she is running away, but she is doing so at the cost of her own life, which is hers to spend. It shows some strength that she was able to think about what she was doing and not just follow her focus mindlessly.

Panties. I'm afraid I've been desensitized to panties by Strike Witches. I could use some more Strike Witches though.

Yeah I know... see I think she's a very interesting character for that.. and she knows that she isn't without blame but I think there is a strong part of her that was trying to protect Fang too even though Fang was trying to protect her. After all Vanille's focus wasn't entirely complete, she was reborn the l'cei, the incomplete one in essence.

I think it is cute that they are just trying to protect each other. I want to say something more intelligent about this,. but I am hungry. *sad*

I rather like Vanille's character and can understand her situation quite a bit, to be honest...she has depth and flaws, and I think that's what can make a character be very realistic and appealing to me--human, even (which I always love seeing in characters in any kind of story or medium). I feel bad that she gets such a bad rep from some fans...though most of my f-list who have played the game really seem to love her aside from perhaps her English voice actor, which is great! :D

I love human characters too...it makes them see more real to me. And the english voice actor is good but I think that she just really didn't do well with the austrialian side of it.

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