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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: ramblings on FFXIII :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So myself and shuufish have been having fun playing FFXIII. Finally got through Unit Yuijinshan, it was because of Shuu's awesome paradigm manipulations. Unfortunately I fail when it comes to paradigm shifts. I'm evidentally really good at eidolon battles though.. for some odd reason. Here are some observations.

+ Both Shu and I are wondering when Hope is going to stab Snow, we both keep going "We know he's gonna stab him.. it's just a matter of tiemz". Because Hope just has that look in his eyes, that slightly unhinged look that we saw him first get when Lightening was like "NO YOU CANNOT LEAD THE PARTY ANYMORES CRAZY." thus taking away Hope's balls in the process.

+ Speaking of balls.. Snow might wanna, y'know, get a reduction or something. ("PLANS? HEROS DO NOT NEED THEMZ!!!!")

+ Sahz's son.. oh my god.. so cute, almost died of the cute.

+ Snow has brought the lesbian so all is forgiven (even though I'm thinking that the lesbian really just brought him.. or something, because she's like a cross between Kain and Cid.. but on estrogen. *I would let her do me, her and her black panties.*)

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I won't spoil it for you BUT

Hope has more common sense than the entire party combined. Except for Fang. In the end he has more courage than the rest. He just has to get over the Snow thing first. 8]

He, along with Fang and Lightning are my favorites. Vanille needs to be stabbed more so than Snow!

Before I forget... Fang is awesome because she was originally scripted to be a man. Dunno why Squeenix changed it, but totes glad they did.

Might want to make sure you are filling everyone's crystariums too... If not, later in the game will be a bitch to play through.

Well I wouldn't stab Vanille since she's my favorite character, yes I would stab Snow but only because I would want to say if he bled GAAAR or something.

Honestly sometimes an anime/game needs to have someone to fufill the Judas role. Zelos from Tales was adored by fangirls over and over, then there was Citan from Xenogears and such. Given my track record, I suppose that I like characters that double cross, because I know that they come back or such, and to me it gives then an added layer and edge of substance.

Judas role? Mmmm. Not quite. But you'll see later. I personally just can't stand her voice and attitude. =A=

That's just me though.

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