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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Fandom Secrets: Proving that those little mindless sheep that are constantly agreeing with each other in their little cliques really actually HATE EACH OTHER, AND THEIR SHIPS/FANDOM OPINIONS/CHARACTERS/LIKES.


Yet I declare this proudly. Anyone who likes them. Nothing against you, but I can't stand them.

Here on my part of the internets we live and let live. Nothing actually happened on fandom secrets except someone called Lady Gaga a whorebag who has set feminism back years. Can't say it in their journal because all their friends will attack them evidentally.

Oiya. Thank you athenalthena for the hilarious read on internet sheepherding (aka Fandom_Secrets.)

Also, I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND shuufish, you all should add her. SHE IS AWESOME.

Anyways time to throw myself in the dungeon to sleep my vampire repose. BBL!

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someone called Lady Gaga a whorebag who has set feminism back years

...Because there is nothing more feminist than calling someone a whorebag.

Yeah, that is a point brought up by someone who actually commented to the post that I'm essentially referring to.

Here on my part of the internets we live and let live.
~I agree, I think that's the best policy. I sometimes feel bad that there are people on our f-list I'm not all that comfortable discussing fandom opinions with for various reasons, but so long as they don't try to bash me on my LJ for posting my thoughts there and I give them the same respect...I really don't see the big problem with having differing opinions. It's bizarre how heated certain fandom topics can get at times. 0_0;

Fandom is clearly serious fucking business. Honestly I do not care what one ships.. just as long as they love what they ship, then that's all that matters (You know, don't like a pairing just because everyone else likes it, like it because -you- like it)

For example. Sephiroth. Everyone on my flist probably pairs him up with Zack or Cloud, I like him with Lazard from Crisis Core. I'm in the minority yes, I could like Cloud and Sephiroth,, but I don't.. I feel like I am true to myself.

You know, I sort of understand disliking her (sort of, I mean she's everywhere so you might not want to hear about her) or finding her not to be your cup of tea but that? Duuuude.

Also, I really don't understand how she is a threat to feminism or whatever.

Then again, a politician said it's because of her that young boys think girls are OK to fuck and/or rape... I am not surprised about anything people say about her anymore.

Politians don't know jack shit, after all a politician commented that 'anime is the reason why two nukes weren't enough'.

I actually find Lady GaGa to be one of the better celebrities. She's not out making an ass of herself or going to jail, she's just out of the norm, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I dislike F!S for all that backstabbing BS, I can't stand those who pretend to be your friend yet ass soon as your not there, trash you behind your back. It's a fucking journal site, not a highschool.

Edited at 2010-03-29 03:11 pm (UTC)

I agree.. I agree completely. People will find that they will be happier and not going through all that wangstif in fact they GROW A PAIR.

I love you!

Also, I will be thinking on the Lady Gaga feminism thing, not because I believe it, but because these days you can make an argument for anything.

Yeah, well I think that Lady Gaga is a strong and independant woman. I do not think that she necessarily sets feminism back at all. You know who I think sets Feminism back? Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton is right, she definitely sets feminists back.

I agree with you wholeheartedly about the fandoms, people are like sheep. I think standing out is far better it's more honest.

It is silly how people get so worked up over having different fandom opinions. It's not that hard to agree to disagree and let it go.

I think a lot of Fandom Secrets is silly. That Lady Gaga secret was ridiculous because it didn't list actual issues with her (the main one I have is her getting to the point of them having to censor her vayjayjay in a music video--what). With that said:

The rare times I personally comment on a secret aren't any different from what I say in my journal. I know yesterday included a Kingdom Hearts secret where the poster talked about none of the games after the first having the feel of the first one, and I agreed with them up until Birth by Sleep came out. I also make no small deal of it in my journal (or picking on S-E in general). I also agree with them that the majority of the new fandom seems totally nuts and I would never go into it willingly.

A lot of the secrets are the repetitive mindnumbing crap you said, but I've also seen a couple of really sweet (but rare) inspirational ones. Those are definitely worth the five minutes it takes to scroll.

Of course, I've never had problems with anonymous as an overall concept, so I'm pretty chill about forums enabling it. I just assume GIFT's in place and then am pleasantly surprised when it doesn't apply.

This is what I get for posting when I wake up!

Edited at 2010-03-29 04:27 pm (UTC)

Okay, I thought of something during class that genuinely bothers me. I'm replying because hur hur my comment is long enough anyway.

I get F!S being a knock off of the old secret postcard idea that used to be popular, but what really gets me are the anon memes that people post on their journals. I think it's fine for them if they want to participate--that's not my issue.

What bothers me is when their friends (presumably) give them crap for the smallest things. It's one thing to mention 'I'm not comfortable with so and so behavior' when it's serious (if someone made racist comments, for example) but then you get stuff like this:

"It makes me really unhappy that you always mention __ in your posts. It feels like you're playing favorites."

That is the kind of crap that bothers me.

Well you know,sometimes you find people who you like better then others. I have been accused of this, finding people who are on the same wavelength with me and I am more inclined to yes, comment on their posts and/or reply back to them. That's not a bad thing, everyone has favorite people. IT IS JUST A WAY OF LIFE! *pets her Ame who is unfortunately ONE OF HER FAVORITES*

Exactly! I don't see why it'd be an issue to mention the people you like and love in your personal space. It'll happen anyway! *OH NOES, A FAVORITE*

People are just silly, big sis. Including me.

You know, I never really saw the point in that community. Most of my friends already know where I stand, whether I agree with them or not. People don't -have- to agree on everything to get along with each other.

(Deleted comment)
Oh gods I know.. whatever happened to liking different people with different likes and dislikes.. if I wanted to be friends with myself, I'd go and invest money in the whole cloning procedure.

(Deleted comment)
...people still like Miaka? Really (sorry, I am just stuck on that)?


I pretty much watch fandom secrets for the laughs. Half of the secrets posted are either people trying to stir shit in their fandoms or get notariety for a smaller/less active fandom. The wank from some of the fans can get crazy, though. The -ism wank is the worst.

You mean Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi?

Personally I find character-bashing silly and pointless, because they're just fictional characters, but eh.

I really don't get this fandom secrets thing. I didn't even know about its existence until recently. I also think being a sheep is dumb and you should stand out for yourself.

Well I do not like her, I'm not going to start telling jokes about her or bashing her, just as a character, I do not find that she appeals to me. Perhaps something about her just grates on me. I do not think character bashing should be endorsed.. I remember bashing characters in the past, but really I grew out of that stage.. live and let live and don't like something, be proud that you don't like it. (I also don't like Kingdom Hearts but I will not devote long posts to it.. would rather focus on things I like in my journal)

I think it says a lot about your respect for other people's preferences that you dislike KH, but we still ended up friending eachother over a thread where I talked about it a lot o////o I agree; it's stupid how many people will just resort to going "I JUDGE YOU if you like this," when it's really just so petty and, well, weak.

I guess just don't take it too seriously? I watch fandom secrets because sometimes glorious and/or hilarious secrets show up, but mostly it's just JUDGING YOU, SECRETLY HATING YOU, SUPERNATURAL SUPERNATURAL SUPERNATURAL.

Oh oh oh.. you know, I have to admit that there are parts of Kingdom Hearts that I do like. Like the character that resembled Zack. I thought that he was pretty awesome looking and every time I see my friend memoryofbliss's icon of that one character, I wibble a little bit inside. Not to mention that if I were into it, I can already imagine that I'd probably like the Organization. So honestly, if I thought that everyone who liked KH I should not be friends in, I would probably be shorting myself on a lot of wonderful people.

Well the lulz is pretty amusing, I have to admit. It is just watching people make fools of themselves in the names of anonymoose. (though granted alot of people I think participate because they are just attention whores) There are a few very sincere ones though. But as for a whole, I just cannot take it seriously at all.

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