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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Sorry I've been so LAX ON ICONS! I will get the icon post done, I only have two more requests to go (13 icon slots.. NEVER AGAIN). I think that eight per week is a good number... don't you? It actually allows me to get it done.) There are some icons that even I THINK are fantastic (read: one of elegante's Akira icons will definitely be used, and perhaps a Belldandy icon that I thought really turned out wonderful.

I played a little bit into FFXIII. Lightening is Squall with Vag (which is sexy on a woman, not so sexy on a guy). I love when Vanille was like "GIVE THAT GUN TO MEEEE!". It was very cute. My first impressions are not all that reliable, but I have a feeling that Vanille probably raeps everyone with sunshine, that's pretty damn awesome if indeed it is the truth.

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I'm looking forward to playing more FF with you tomorrow, certainly. I'm still reserving my first impressions. They are formulating.

That's alright! I think it's just fun to play through definitely. And I'm enjoying playing it through with you is what really matters!

Lightening is Squall with Vag
Heh. x)

(But Squall may as well have one anyway, at times.)

And Vanille is...Vanille. ♥ Hope you're enjoying the game!

Oh yes, I am SO VERY enjoying the game! It's full of ♥

I want to be surprised by FFXIII, I saw the character designs and I was like, she's the hyper happy one, she's the tough one, he's the dorky one, he's the annoying young kid, she's the emo one and I hate to be right about this kinda stuff but I am normally right, a lot of people like vanille so I hope she surprises me.

Well character designs do tell alot about a character.. and Vanille I think is exactly as those designs imply.. it's not just that, it's the stance and body language. Tieria Erde in some of his pictures stood with his arms folded over his chest, and I knew that instantly he was a very defensive creature, perhaps sceptic and by nature emotionally logical. Was I right? Yes.. but just because of the nuances.

*gee I'm sucha dork*

Lightening is Squall with Vag (which is sexy on a woman, not so sexy on a guy).

OH MY GOODNESS I lol'd. That's the first time I've heard someone say Lightning wasn't the female Cloud, since Nomura was practically ordered to design her as if she was.

That said, Lightning would be AC!Cloud, and AC!Cloud is lame. Maybe Squall's the better one after all.

Well I definitely like Cloud better then I do Squall.. so if she's like Cloud then YES! (dissidia and crisis core made me LIKE HIM)

Haha, my friends and I have been thinking Lightning is basically Celes (you go, enemy soldier seeing things the Right Way and joining the rebellion) and Cloud combined XD ILU Squall, but at least Lightning comes around emotionally before the last 5 minutes of the game.

Oh gods, yeah I know.. see I just saw Squall because of the very fact that she's just very much "GET OUT OF MY FACE". It's hard for me to define what it is for me honestly... but then I really did not think that Cloud had that much of a personality in FFVII, he was very lackluster for me, it's only in later games that I really got a feel for who he was.

Your icons always look really amazing to me, so I can definitely imagine how well all of your icon request batches have turned out. :D

Hehe, I hope you're having fun playing FFXIII. Hopefully we'll be able to start playing it sometime soon as well! ♥

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