Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Sorry I've been so LAX ON ICONS! I will get the icon post done, I only have two more requests to go (13 icon slots.. NEVER AGAIN). I think that eight per week is a good number... don't you? It actually allows me to get it done.) There are some icons that even I THINK are fantastic (read: one of elegante's Akira icons will definitely be used, and perhaps a Belldandy icon that I thought really turned out wonderful.

I played a little bit into FFXIII. Lightening is Squall with Vag (which is sexy on a woman, not so sexy on a guy). I love when Vanille was like "GIVE THAT GUN TO MEEEE!". It was very cute. My first impressions are not all that reliable, but I have a feeling that Vanille probably raeps everyone with sunshine, that's pretty damn awesome if indeed it is the truth.
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