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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I am now the owner of a XBox 360.

Girlfriend is already planning what games to get for it. I just wanted it for Vanille and Fang, I'm easy.

So there is a strong chance that I will come home with the game on tuesday morning. So that one night we can watch anime, one night we can play Tales of Abyss and one night FFXIII.. or whatever. Who knows. We tend to section our days off so as to allow for different things to happen.

Vanille and Fang. YAY! But I just have a special foundness for the uber!genki girls of FF. Like Rydia, Relm, Penelo, Yuffie and Rikkue They just are all sorts of hearts.

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Sweet! My ex had a 360 when he lived here and it was pretty awesome. He had some racing games, Assassin's Creed (the first one, I think there's a second one out now?), and some zombie kinda games.

Penelo! ♥ She's so cute and bouncy that I, of course, had to track her toward heavy weapons like axes and maces in my game. I love to see her just club down on something, because it's so disproportionate to her size. XD I wish I could do the same thing with Rikku, but FFX's class system doesn't work that way. Boo.

Yes, you know I think I did that too honestly.. except I let Basch keep the axes.. because him holding a rod just sort of pulls out my brain.. a tad.

Gah, I'm all jealous! :D I'm so far from being able to afford a 360 or a PS3 right now, so I'm going to have to live FFXIII vicariously through you or something.

But I did get a paid account today, and the icon addon, so now I can stalk your icons more than I already did.

Ohohohoho.. well good. I love paid accounts. I hope you enjoy it (and I didn't really want an xbox until FF14.. then when I saw the lesbi-friends I was like "HALLO THAR!"

I'm really excited about all the new game possibilities! And FF lesbians! ♥ I think your plan for the next weekend sounds great to me, I'll definitely be looking forward to doing all three things.

Yeah it does! and I can't wait. I actually have in my possession FF14 right now (couldn't wait -_- but it's a secret and I'll dig it out later for us.. perhaps if I wake up early on monday. we can play around with it! ♥ I love you!

You know, I had a feeling that you would buy the game sooner rather then later, having such a shiny game system in the house is itchy without a game to play! Hurray for FF14 and it's cannon lesbians. I'm excited to see it. I love you! Sleep well! ♥

Yeah I would, such is the nature of having the NEATO X-box in the house. HURRAH. Todd can play my x-box however the FFXIII game is reserved for us, we've never played through a game together before! This will be our funness! ♥

I think he was trying to politely wait for you to play the Xbox first, though he did go out and wistfully look at games today without buying one. I'm very much looking forward to our first play through of a game together, for both FF and Tales of the Abyss.

Well that's good of him! I sorta did want to play the first gameonit and really I realized that having an x-box with no games for another week would probably of been torture... heh

Yeah, I think it is torture for everyone because the new shiny needs to be used and tried out! I bet he won't last long before he buys a game for it though you will definitely get to play your game first.

Rikku will always be my favorite. &hearts But Fang is the fiercest character in FFXIII and I would go gay for her. She has such a lovely angry face.

Yeah, I've seen Fang and I've all but swooned myself! Yay for fierceness!

I wish I had the money for FFXIII. Come on, pay check! Get here sooner...

I love Penelo and Rikku so much~ ♥

Yay for the uber cute girls! ♥

Fang = superawesomesexyness!

Nice! :D
get Eternal Sonata, it's pretty.

Vanille and Fang are amazing. Fuuuuu~ I actually have grown to like all the characters of FFXIII now.


i recently got a ps3, myself :( but am hesitant to buy ffxiii until i am ... less immersed in uncompleted jrpg's, or at least finish ffxii XD; so i bought demon's souls (which is wonderful but really goddamn hard) and borderlands! Which is fun and rpg-ish, even though i fail horribly at fps. it reminded me of other fps rpg's i liked a lot like star trek: elite forces.

hope you have a blast with ffxiii though! i've heard it's great!

also yeah the hyper cute genki girls of ff usually are pretty great haha ...if often sorta gypped out of screen time. Although lol ff12 >_> vaan himself is pretty much just tacked on, let alone penelo.

SO JEALOUS. D: *clings to old skool Xbox*

Congrats! What's your gamertag? :3c

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