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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
First of all.

1.) Robbie Williams is rejoining Take That. On one hand, I am excited, on the other hand.. I am like "Robbie is good at one type of music, I am not sure if he could fit in with the great dynamics that the guys have.". There is no way that he can wreck the dynamic, this is coming from the standpoint of someone who knows that he can't. The ones MOST reluctant to let him back (Gary & Jason) will not countenance a take over, and I honestly trust the boys, they know the style of their music, they know the beauty and magic of it. THEY (JASON) WILL NOT BETRAY ME!

Edit: I actually think this album will be the four of them but will probably have a song or two with Robbie joining in.

2.) Yes, lots of scandal involving Mark, but well we can't ALL be St. Gary of Barlow. He's allowed a mistake (or ten). He's getting help and he realizes that alchohol isn't all that good of a thing when it allows you to become one with the skankbot. It's alright, Mark.. I love you still, even though your a skankbot. You are an aquarius. THIS HEREBY DOES NOT SURPRISE ME. You probably were friends with them all first.

3.) Jason is probably a whore, I realize this. But he's an unmarried whore which still makes him fair game. Married whores are different from unmarried whores, good job Jason.. way to keep your whoredom legit, I LOVE YOU FOR IT.

But still, that's my new nickname for Gary, St. Gary of Barlow. It fits and I'd so totally join that convent.

I realized that we haven't had enough Take Thattery for the month.. WELL ALLOW ME TO RECTIFY THIS!

Warning: Take this with a grain of salt, I love this band.. I just like to poke fun of the things I am passionate about, it probably lends itself to my NOT SO SERIOUS NATURE.

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Are you kidding? Robbie with Take That?
Take That are way better off without him. My two cents.

Oh I agree.. I am not 'happy' about it honestly, but I'm not going to write it off. I love the boys too much to really do that. And Robbie has matured a littlebit, granted I prefer him alone with his solo stuff, but well I don't know.. I think that with four out of five ain't bad, and Gary has learned not to steamroll the others, so hopefully Robbie has learned the same lesson.

Crossing my fingers! :cross:

wow, fond memories of high school return...I still remember ranting to my friend while driving her home that the song 'back for good' is a bunch of bs, bc he's saying "whatever I said/did, I didn't mean it," and that can't possibly be true, because how do you know if you didn't mean it if you don't even know what it is...

er...yeah, I was a dork back then, too <3

Yeah it is.. but I think it was accepted for catchy, their new stuff is oh so much better though.. oh man and their last concert. TO DIE FOR. I'm a not so shameless TakeThat fangirl. It started with Back for Good, then they broke up soon after and then they reunited ten years later. I so had no problems with this ♥

I preferred them to N'Sync honestly, because hey, who can debate BRITISH!

to be fair, the spice girls were british, so it's not necessarily an indication of quality...I like Take That all right, hehe.

Well I have a guilty listening pleasure for the spice girls too. -_-

don't sweat it, for some ungodly reason I like the song Lady in Red.

Hey, let's start the convent of St. Gary of Barlow where we study Take That music as religion. I'd say something about piano, but let's face it, my own music career washed because I suck at playing piano.

Even if he's a skankbot, Mark is still cute. People make mistakes, and I still love him.

The news about Robbie makes me want to cry, but you know that.

And finally, Howard icon. Because I ♥ Howard.

We can't all be Holy Saints of the Piano. *sad day* and yes, I'm disappointed but on the other hand I'm not. I'm open to it, I'm surethat I'll be impressed. I am not going to be disappointed unless Robbie takes ALL THE GLORIES! (and if Jason doesn't have a solo or two, as well as Howard)

Robbie Williams has a very dominating voice anyways so I'm also wondering 'how' that is going to fit.

I guess we will see what we see when it comes to Robbie joining the band and much like you, I would be disappointed if Robbie dominated the band or made it so that Jason or Howard don't have solos.

Ooh, band stuff. But why does the Aquarius thing count as a part of his skankbot status?

I was poking fun at his wierdness, not to mention I know alot of Aquarius who would think a poly lifestyle a good idea.

Oh I see! Well, we're definitely weird like that. And as long as the lifestyle isn't hurting anybody, I don't see why it wouldn't be a good idea.

I don't know who any of these people are. :O

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