Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

You know what I absolutely and utterly hate?

When perfectly awesome male characters are wasted on female characters that are made of fail. Such is the case with this audio book I'm listening too. It's a cheesy supernatural romance novel produced by Harlequin (that might of been the first warning sign honestly). But yes, the female vampire is made of fail and then some. The male I definitely enjoy, and the secondary ship of vampire/werewolf *which is very cute*. (because let's face it, I can't approach anything from a gen perspective.. unless of course I'm watching animal planet, or Dora the Explorer).

But the main female character suffers the "OH MY GOD I CANNOT DECIDE" error code, because she cannot choose between her sire (obvious choice.. duh) and fledgling. It makes me long for Affinity which I'm still downloading since I hate rapidshit and it's "You can only download something every twenty minutes" bullcrap.

On a plus note. Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo makes me happy. I forgot how much I loved Count D. I miss the presence of Detective Orcot, but at least he makes little cameos as D tries to run from him. Escaping your boyfriend is easier said then done
Tags: failure should not = vagina, vagina should = win
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