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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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: Alice in Wonderland :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
First of all, I need one more person to comment on the Icon Suggestion Post. You don't have to necessarily use the icons, this just helps me to have a subject to icon, in order to make my weekly icon post over at my icon journal.

Secondly, I saw Alice in Wonderland and I have to say that it was absolutely and totally awesome. ♥ Alice was amazing and so was teh Mad Hatter (Alice/Mad Hatter, I SHIP IT!). But when Alice picked up her sword and went to fight, that just made my day. I just love strong girls.. I love strong girls who can kick a whole lot of ass and take a whole lot of names.

I can see why she didn't stay in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter, she still was awesome. I know that she will go back though, it wasn't the utter heartbreaking that Will/Lyra was from The Golden Compass. (Nothing honestly can -be- that heartbreaking.)

So for all of you people who are sort of doubtful about whether to go see it, well visually it appealed to the iconist in me and it also appealed to the part in me that was completely feminist (and I'm sure it appealed to shuufish too for that reason).

I've always been attracted to the Alice in Wonderland mythos though, this movie just made that mythos all the more awesome though.

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She was BLOODY AMAZING. She took that role for hers and made it perfect. Other than the bastardized mix of Jabberwocky into the story? It was a fantastic story.

The Jabberwocky didn't really seem like the Jabberwocky, that Jabberwocky doesn't steal your breath like the Jabberwocky did in the original story. I remember the Jabberwocky seemed so fearsome that it really didn't have to make an appearance in the book for everyone to run in terror of it.

Exactly! When did a name not inspire fear? I think it was .... fail.

Oh, you've made me want to see Alice in Wonderland even more now! :D

>.>...Darling you probably should have spoiler cut a little of that for those of us who Haven't seen it yet and won't get to see it for another week <.<...buttttttttt

Alice/Hatter OMG SQUEE

Glad you liked it!

Another Alice/Tarrant fan, yay!
This movie really helps the fandom, now a lot of people start to read the books and search news about Wonderland/Underland! ^^
I've already started to do icons about the film, mostly because the photography is awesome ^.^b
I'll wait for your works also!

Ohohohohoho.. yes there will be icons once I get the movie.. and it will be grand. (the lighting though is very conducieve to iconing I think)

♥ Yeah, that scene was pretty much one of the scenes that I knew I had to icon.. and pretty much clinched the Alice/Hatter pairing for me.

Edited at 2010-03-12 08:23 am (UTC)

Ah, I really need to go see that movie! I'm such an Alice in Wonderland nut, why haven't I already done so? <3

Oh, it is quite simply a fabulous movie! ♥

Gyaaah I haven't seen that film yet, I'm absolutely desperate to see it and even more so having read your post lol


Though I saw it too, it's very hard for me to actually positively critique Alice in Wonderland, unfortunately! I mean, images were spectacular of course, and I think all the acting was done as well as it ever could be for those characters. I didn't expect too much from the story - but who can, really? Once you've seen one prophecy tale, you've pretty much seen them all - it's the characters that give it colour. I think my biggest issue was that some of the characters came off so flat because of Burton's choice to focus so heavily on the Red Queen (his wife!), Alice, and the Mad Hatter, on characters that were already kinda supposed to be caricatures of real people types.

I mean, I loved Hathaway's White Queen, she did the graceful, light, airy thing perfectly! But she was also kinda just 'there' for a lot of the movie, and didn't really expand from that initial impression for me. Similarly, the Caterpillar gives you all the cues that he's ancient, mystic, and wise, but he doesn't ever do anything that shows you he is at all, it's really a perception coloured by prior knowledge of the book.

Still, I enjoyed it on a whole, as a kind of fluff movie, and the Cheshire was my favourite character of all! Burton really captured the essence of a cat, despite being a cat hater himself.

Oh man, I forgot about Cheshire, but he was brilliant too. >.>

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