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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Writer's Block: Best book ever!
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

You all are going to think me incredibly cheesy but it is "Dark Angel" by V.C Andrews. I hate what V.C Andrews have become now but there is something about that book that always tears me up. No matter what, I can read that book over and over and still feel punched in the gut with the emotionaly poignancy of it all.


Also, here in Chattanooga now. 3 hours of sleep, 5 hour drive. Made it here safely. I'm still tired but I'm hoping to be able to get a full night of sleep tonight and re-aquaint myself with day dwelling again.

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I'm looking for a new book to read, so I think I might check it out.
Thanks for the recommendation. (^.^)

Oh...I've heard of "Dark Angel" before and thought it looked rather interesting, but for some reason never picked it up. *sweatdrops* I'll definitely keep an eye out for it the next time I'm in the library though. Thank you for the recommendation! :D

And I'm glad you made it to Chattanooga safely! I hope you have a good rest! *hugs* ♥

That book really was a tearjerker. I loved the story between Heaven and Troy.

THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I LIKED IT. That, I remember being in love with Troy, and there were so many great instances between the two of me, the follow up books were good too, and I swear that the little minature cottage that Troy gives Heaven upon the birth of their daughter, really got to me.(even though that happened in a later book)

Why is V.C Andrews such crap now? But her previous books, she really could weave a story where I actually cared about the characters.

Troy was amazing and memorable. Definitely one of my all-time favorites. I always wanted to give him a hug. :/ That miniature cottage got to me, too, and the night they shared prior to that. Just everything about Troy and Heaven was beautiful and heartbreaking. I also liked Troy in Annie's book, too. He never stopped being interesting. Web of Dreams was pretty good, too.

Yeah, her old stuff was really great. Things started sliding downhill after the Cutlers' series. :/ I remember liking The Wildflowers series and Music of the Night (but not the rest of Melody's books) but that's about it for the current crap the ghostwriter puts out. :/

Well I did like the Landry series alot.. I think for me that was the last book I really did enjoy. I also did like one other series but I can't figure it out. Really once the formula was broken, it lost being interesting for me. (I really liked the formula.. five books with, the first three being about the main heroine, the fourth about the daughter and then the fifth about the mother. It sort of brought it full circle.

And no, he never did really stop being interesting.. there was just something unspeakably kind about Troy, gentle and well endearing.. he was as nice as his brother was skeezy.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about the Landry series. I liked that one quite a bit, too. Ruby felt more like an old school V.C. Andrews heroine to me. I liked the formula, too. I still prefer the old formula to the new stuff. I agree with you about it bring things back full circle and that's what I really liked about it. Things that weren't explained in the previous books or secrets that just weren't explored always came out during the last book. I found the conclusions to those series a lot more satisfying.

He really was. He was such a good soul, to sound cheesy. He and Heaven were great together because so was she. :/ Tony was a total skeeze but that made him one of the best antagonists in her books, imo. I loved to hate Tony in a way that the other antagonists never quite inspired though I liked Giselle and Daphne a lot from the Landry books, too.

And yes, I know it's all her ghostwriters fault. >.>

You know, it never fails.... every time I move away from somewhere, someone I am friends with moves to/travels to/visits/passes through wherever it was I used to live. x.x

I USED to live just at the Red Bank/Chattanooga line.. Mum worked in Chattanooga. We went to the 'nooga every day, man... and now BAM you are there. Lol. I am behind the times; Why are you in Chattanooga anyway? o.O;; I could probably answer this question myself by just moving back through your journal but I dun have a lot of time online. D=

On a side note.. XD You could go to ride the Carousel near the walking bridge, which is between the Aquarium and the Museum place. Haaa.. it's like a dollar to ride. XD Or sit on the stone animals near it and take awesome photos. =3 It's fun.

>.> Promise.


Well jennie's family is in Chattanooga, and I've been there maybe 3 times. And actually I have plans to move there eventually (with Jennie). It's fun and there are tons of yummy places to eat.. not to mention the mall makes me happy.

Oh snap! This, I did not know. XD I ♥ the Central Park fast food place. =x I can't help it, I'm a sucker for 'em. Are you aware of "McKay's"...? >.> Not a food place, but quite awesome, I assure you!

I... don't think I even went to the mall. o.o!

Oh yes, in fact we went to McKay's today. A few months ago I made their manga section CONSIDERABLY LARGER.

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