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I wasn't supposed to go in to work but really Miranda said that she wanted me in so that she could switch my schedule to friday, so I don't lose hours (I actually gained a few) so I go in and am like to Tim and Jason, "You guys, Miranda said I could come in so I'm here and you can't send me home" and they were very effusive, and even said "YAY NIA IS HERE!"

Well, I definitely got the surprise of my life when I went into the meeting.

I was named associate of the month for January. (please everyone disregard my real name. I NEVER EVER USE IT). But I HAVE DISPROVED THE MYTH. IT IS NOT JUST MADE UP PEOPLE ON THOSE PLAQUES OUT THERE IN LAYAWAY/SITE TO STORE WHATHAVEYOU. (and here I thought they were made up people)

*Maybe I'm just made up though, you never know* The reasoning behind them giving it to me is the fact that they can place me anywhere in the store and I 1.) get the job done and 2.) don't complain. Of course it caused certain catty people in the store to wonder if I had in fact slept with Jason in order to get this prestigious award. No really people, not all that prestigious (And there's only one Jason I'd sleep with AND HE IS NOT IT). Only good it was, was the fact that I have usurped Bonnie's "MAGIC WAND" and become management's magic wand as well. TAKE THAT BITCH.. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN PLAY AT BEING HARRY POTTER.

It will also look good in my file.

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