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This isn't gonna be a very big update honestly. I just want to utter my apologies on the lack of a 'real' post so to speak. Because of my rather hectic schedule, I find it hard to do anything else. Except for like one sentance squeage over series I've been watching or such. I really do go through work plotting what I'm gonna write, but when I get to my computer and sit down, I find that I'm either two tired or I've found something else that I should be doing. (i.e responding to RP posts from Shuu)

Also there's a great big age difference between myself and alot of f-list seriously. I am in my 30s old... while alot of you have just entered your twenties. It certainly makes for alot of differing appeals and such. I apologize once again for not connecting with you all as I should. However I do really want to know about you and I do manage to check my flist at least once a day and comment on the posts that really do stand out to me.

I certainly do ♥ you all.. you guys fill my friend's list with such warmth and joy. And I never know what I'll get, it's like a box of surprises! So thank you all for being quite simply.. wonderful!

and also thanks for tolerating an oldie like me... heh

My icon post is going to be done a little bit differently this week. I'm going to actually link to the entry once I get it up on Isoylent, so anyone who has requested anything (if you've requested something, just check the list) will be able to just click on the link.) it's only because it'll be way easier to just copy and paste it once then to go and individually respond to people's threads in that post. I have alot of things to do like pack, so it really just takes out the middleman in essence.. allows for me to prepare for my visit to Chattenooga.
Tags: fiends til the end!, have gun will travel, nippaaaa!
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