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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
This isn't gonna be a very big update honestly. I just want to utter my apologies on the lack of a 'real' post so to speak. Because of my rather hectic schedule, I find it hard to do anything else. Except for like one sentance squeage over series I've been watching or such. I really do go through work plotting what I'm gonna write, but when I get to my computer and sit down, I find that I'm either two tired or I've found something else that I should be doing. (i.e responding to RP posts from Shuu)

Also there's a great big age difference between myself and alot of f-list seriously. I am in my 30s old... while alot of you have just entered your twenties. It certainly makes for alot of differing appeals and such. I apologize once again for not connecting with you all as I should. However I do really want to know about you and I do manage to check my flist at least once a day and comment on the posts that really do stand out to me.

I certainly do ♥ you all.. you guys fill my friend's list with such warmth and joy. And I never know what I'll get, it's like a box of surprises! So thank you all for being quite simply.. wonderful!

and also thanks for tolerating an oldie like me... heh

My icon post is going to be done a little bit differently this week. I'm going to actually link to the entry once I get it up on Isoylent, so anyone who has requested anything (if you've requested something, just check the list) will be able to just click on the link.) it's only because it'll be way easier to just copy and paste it once then to go and individually respond to people's threads in that post. I have alot of things to do like pack, so it really just takes out the middleman in essence.. allows for me to prepare for my visit to Chattenooga.

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Aw, ♥.

I understand this quite well. I'm leaning towards 26, so I'm not exactly part of the majority either (not on my friends list, at least) and I find myself only focusing on subjects that appeal to any age as opposed to writing whatever goes through my head. It gets slightly uncomfortable at times, but it can be nice, seeing the similarities that span all ages.

Yeah, I think that at some point you approach the time where you are enthused, but at different things, or the enthusiasm comes out in different ways. I know that I get just as enthused as anything, but it's not my world. AH WIPPERSNAPPERS.. I ENVY YOUR VIGOR! (ahahah). I used to be able to write anything that went into my head, but now.. not so much. Usually I think "it can wait.." and then it's just sorta blown over.

One sentance blurbs randomly posted on my livejournal are definitely more indicative of what makes me squee!

(Deleted comment)
Awww well I know you've been on my flist for a while. So I really do appreciate you.. because old friends are gold, I think! New friends are gold-in-training, but old ones have stood the test of time! *hugs*

Age means nothing to me. Really. I've some friends that are 40 years old or more, even if I'm 22, and I have a wonderful relationship with them. Even if I cannot speak with them about everything, the majority of my favorite topics are shared with them so, really: age? Who cares?
You can say whatever you want, I'll never look at you as an older friend. Friends are forever, they say. Forever is a loooong time, we'll gonna became all old, one day ^^
Friends are friends, that's all.
Go Nihon, go =p

Edited at 2010-03-04 10:23 pm (UTC)

Awww go China! go! *fist pumps* We in the asian section of the blog crew need to stay together! amirite?

*raises hand* I'm about to be 35, so you're not alone. Most of my flist is younger than me, too. >_> That's how I got a gf with a 13-year age gap. But there's a nice range of ideas and focuses, that way...not to mention reminding yourself that people can be awesome and connect regardless, na. I find that really reassuring.

Awwww well you know, I think it's cute.. and yes there are some things that do transcend age. The internet and fandoms DO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER! trufax.

Hi! It's good to meet you ^^

Actually, I'm happy to hear that you are older than me. Many of my lj friends are in their teens and I can't really understand all this highschool stuff they go through ^^;; I think after our 20s start, we're all more or less peers ^^

psssht your age has nothing to do with anything, you're friendly and sweet and easy to get along with. s'not anybodies fault us youngin's are attracted to your awsome <3

I'm pretty ancient myself, so no worries there. ^_^

NORMALLY i comment more i'm sorry life's been busy but when i get back i'm sure we'll close our gap.

You've got a lot of younger people on your f-list, huh? If anything, I guess I would say that there are people from a wide variety of age groups on my list, but most of them are between 18 and, um... 50?

I know a lot of women in their 40s, actually. Although, aside from shared fandoms, I don't know why they find my journal appealing. Is my life only suitable for mature audiences or something?

Oh hell, age doesn't really matter. I'm only 18 and I think you're awesome!

I'm leaning towards 27 this year but I have to say that I don't really care about anyone's age because it's just a stupid number anyways and it says absolutely nothing about the amazing personality of a person. I'm used to have a lots a friends which are older then me but I also have a few friends which are a lot younger then me and they are all really awesome, regardless what age they are. =)

It's really fine that you don't have time to comment on every entry since I also don't have much time on my hands at the moment (in fact I should be working right now ^^;) but I try to keep up with my f-list as well.

I don't think that my posts are outstanding anyways (oh yeah, maybe my latest Black Jack OVA icon batch is quite alright xD).


I can definitely understand the lack of real life updating due to a hectic schedule, I tend to be that way too (which is probably why we usually end up doing only one post per week now). I always have an idea of what I want to type up too, but it usually just goes out the window when I finally sit down.

Hehe, and I've felt that way about age differences too! We have quite a few friends on LJ who are much younger than us (26)...and sometimes it is harder to talk to them about certain things because of that, but I do like reading and seeing the similarities I have with all my friends regardless of the age gap too! We're all awesome, I think. *hugs* ♥ :D

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