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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Hip hip hurrah! :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

I won 'best colour' at bleach_icontest with the following...

(I don't support that pairing, but the icon sort of built itself up.. but then when I icon, I NEVER go in with a definite plan, just a picture.. and then I fiddle with it until it turns into something that I'm alright with)

Considering that I love colour in my icons, I think that best colour always means the most to me, just because it gives me satisfaction to know that I can still make things uberly vibrant.

Also want to take this time to say that I have the most wonderful girlfriend in the world. I was thinking about her last night and she just made me wibble, just a little bit. (So yes, I love you Shuu. :chuuuu:) She accepts me despite the fact that sometimes I can be a real winner. But honestly, she's my muse.

I have a big post on lesbians plotted out in my head. But I have yet to really sort of write it down.

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aslkjdskissd when seeing the voting post I already guessed that might be your icon but I was wondering about the unusual pairing in that ==;;

Ahahahaha.. yeah, I cropped it that way and then just decided to appeal to the Byakuya/Ichigo shippers. And thank you ♥ Your icons are awesome too, I always like them!

Congrats! It's lovely icon :3

Lesbians always make things better. Unless they're like, crazypsycho exes or something.

OH I KNOW ABOUT THE PSYCHO EXES. I HAVE ONE. Though she's dropped off the face of the earth, thank god.

Everyone has a psycho ex...unless they ARE the psycho ex XD

Yeah, you aren't really a lesbian unless you've encountered the crazed one in at least one point of your life. >.>

You just made my morning! I love it when you do that. Things are getting better and better all the time, we've hit our stride and I'm glad that we both put the effort into hanging on to each other. I love you, Jyuu!

Congrats on the win with the icon, it's good work!

Ahahaha well of course I love you ♥ And yes, I feel we've hit that rough point too! But we've surpassed it!

Surpassing it is all that matters!

(Is it bad that I see the Jason icon and I want to use Howard. It makes sense in my head.)

(No, I don't think it's bad.. it's like a natural response, I post Jason and you post Howard. It is ALL GOOD! )

Heh, now I'm just posting for the pick. HAVE SOME MORE HOWARD.


Howard! Mmmmmmmmmm, I was about to say that it put the mmmm in Howard, but then I realized that must be the 'silent' mmmmmmm that is in him.

There is a silent mmmmmm in all the members of Take That.

Well Mark has the not so silent Mmmmmmmm so it comse out Mmmm-mark. Being Mark, this probably isn't suprising.

You know, if you look hard, you can see Howard's chest in this icon.

So you can! I had never noticed that before!

Congratulations...that's a really beautiful icon--especially in terms of its coloring! ♥

Aww...and the last part of this entry was very sweet! ♥ :)

Thank you! And yes, I love my GF very much.. if it weren't for her, I'd probably sleep all day and not even bother to get up.

That icon is gorgeous!


Your coloring has always been lovely. Your icons are always pretty and interesting. *_*

I don't like that pairing either... but the icon looks great! ♥

Yeah, I'm a sucker for Byakuya/Rukia.. so if I were to make an icon for me with Byakuya.. it'd have Rukia in it too. >.> But thank you for the compliment! It means alot and once again I'm glad to see you around again!

I don't like Rukia very much, but I think Byakuya/Rukia is a good pairing. If Byakuya is ever going to be with anyone, I think it should be Rukia. ~

HEY, CONGRATS ♥ that icon is utterly gorgeous by the way hnggg ichigo looks kind of hot lmfao

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