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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Axis Power Hetalia : The Blog Crew :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Axis Power Hetalia: The Blog Crew

Austria☆Roderich - lycamduat
Belgium☆ - shineofastar
Canada☆Matthew - kopin
China☆Yao - neera_pendragon
Germany☆Ludwig - imperiums
Greece☆Heracles - shuufish
Holland☆ - nagareboshihe
Hungary☆Elizabeta - moonherb
North Italy☆Feliciano - yaoi_queen
Japan☆Kiku - jyuufish
Litchenstein - trishpawachunyu
Lithuania☆Toris - calavasas
Poland☆Feliks - kenichi_bokushi
Prussia☆Gilbert - xaciel
Rome☆Ancient - kuroshin
Russia☆Ivan - holstering
South Italy☆Lovino - seatalia
Spain☆Antonio - konimi
UK☆Arthur - raistlynn
USA☆Alfred - sonowakaremichi
Vietnam☆ - wok2remember

›› THE AXIS POWER HETALIA BLOGCREW |^_^V| - Insert Your Claimed Character HERE!


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Roma Antiqua, please! <3

Can I have Prussia please? :D

Hi there. ^^ Could I join your crew as Vietnam?

Can I have Holland, please? <3

Absolutely! This blog crew seriously needs some one to deal drugs ILLEGALLY TO IT! ♥ mmmm hash brownies

If you want a China, aru ^^

You've been added as China, yay!

You've been added as Canada!

May I claim Spain, please? ♥

Of course, it's just what this blog crew needs, some tomato-love! ♥

I don't know if you're still accepting, but can I claim Liechtenstein please?

Because I seem to be claiming her brother a little bit too much... *stares at user info*

You've been added to the list! ♥

and of course, we always need cute little Liech!

Aww...all of my favorite characters are taken... *tear*
Well, then may I claim Lithuania? ;w;

Uwaaah, is this blogcrew still open? ;_;

If you see a character that you want and it's not taken, then the crew is definitely still open! You shall be Liet! Hurrah for Liet! *goes to add you now*

Thank you! Oh my, I forgot to say please in the previous comment. Er, please and thank you! ;w;

Also, your icon is love. I think I died.

Oh no problem. I love America and Cowboy!America is definitely awesome ♥ and no worries about the please and thank you, I don't sweat the small stuff!

I see that the user that had claimed Arthur/England..their account has been deleted/purged. May I claim England? If not, I'll take Denmark. Please and thank you!

Absolutely, you can claim Arthur/UK. Thank you for giving me the head's up!

Thank you so very much!

Absolutely no problem! I don't check this place often so I appreciated you telling me that one had purged their account!

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