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I posted my first spot on reaction to Umineko on my facebook, however I will repeat it to all of my LJ friends.

"That was the greatest last episode of logic-fail on the face of the planet". I mean, it had always been ridiculous with Battler trying to prove that witches do not exist, but if you take it from this standpoint... Beatrice is saying "I DID IT!" and Battler is putting his fingers in his ear and going 'lalalalala I can't hear you!"

And his explanations in the last episode at a certain point just seemed to be all about him spouting non-logic. I think that is what Beatrice gave him, the non-logic words, just so that Battler could feel special.. yeah that's it.

I am not saying that it was bad. Of course not. But there was so much open-endedness in that series that I just hope that they make a S2. I still like Battler/Beatrice, quite a bit in fact and their allure didn't go down, I still ship them like crazy because they really just DESERVE each other. They can play chess for an eternity in hell and it'd just be absolutely marvelous, with Ronove serving them tea.. maybe Sebastian too if you approve the inappropriate usage of CROSSOVERS.

I did like the end with Maria, in fact I thought that was the most satisfying part of the end of that series, where Maria is like "OH YAY I CAN GO TO THE PLACE WHERE WELL-ADJUSTED CHILDREN GO TO". Though granted, there is just something about her that grates on my nerves and that whole uwah-uwah thing, yeah.. it was annoying.

The characters were awesome. Not on the same par with Higurashi characters, who toward the end I really just adored to all get out, but then you got to know every part of those characters.. their hopes and their fears. You didn't really get to know Beatrice and Battler in that intimate sense.. not in the anime. (I'm sure it's different in the game) but I think that with Umineko, the strength was the game, and the instances of trickery that the two used against each other.. not to mention the couples are pretty sweet.

So time will tell if we get a second season. I hope so. Until then, Shuu and I are going to watch that anime about bread, you know what I'm talking about. We need to watch something hilarious now after that. (Well Umimeko was hilarious.. just in an entirely different way.)

All these tags, they all definitely apply to this post, and this series!
Tags: beatrice made me do it, beatrice's harem, care-bears with strap-ons, don't worry.. i know kung-fu, go wash your faec with a gun, he'll never guess it's your bleeding vag, my girlfriend doesn't exist!, nippaaaa!
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