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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Jyuu's Opinion On {Anon Memes} :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I've learned early on never to do anonymous memes, just because it's folly. There are alot of cowardly people who will not say things to your face. I mean some people do spout vile things, and they would rather do it where you cannot possible figure out who they are going to be. It's also why I largely avoid fandom secrets, because it's anon posting, and someone is well with spouting opinions if they can hide behind a pretty picture with a pretty font bashing something that they 'pretend' to like.

If someone needs to tell me something, they can do it to my face. None of this passive aggressive throwing knives at your turned back shit for me.

There's just alot of really nasty people on the internet, people who think that they can say anything under anonymity and then thereby not have to take responsibility for any hurt feelings that are involved. All of those things, constructive criticism and little jibes can be said out in the open, underneath the light. It's not a good feeling at all to know that the person who criticizes you the strongest may just be the whom who praises you the highest.

But regardless, I ♥ you all friends list, and I promise that if I have a problem with any of you all, I will definitely tell it to your face. *and I expect the same from you all!* (but really I'm pretty easygoing)

P.S - Just wanted an opportunity to use this icon. This may in fact be my most favorite one evah! Oh Jason! ♥♥♥

...In all seriousness though. I completely agree with what you said forever.

♥ Well you know I heart you too!

Anon memes are just wholly made of fail.


Awwww I am touched! ♥ Thank you Kelly Min!

I'm not hurt by the negative comments I get, because of this very reason. I also wonder why people stay on each other's flists if they supposedly detest them so much.

Yeah, exactly. If someone doesn't like me, they can just GTFO out. >.> But seriously, I am annoyed by it, but not hurt because yes an anonymous insult is worth .000002 cents cash value, could get more just turning in a can to recycle or something.

Hate!memes and badfic comms are creepy.

Yeah, that they are. I just.. it just escapes me. I guess people need to do 'something' to make themselves feel good.

Hell yes. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! Fandomsecrets can kiss my ass.

Oh I agree so completely about fandom secrets. I think it's just a sign that fandoms take themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY NOWADAYS. (instead of doing it because you enjoy it, its suddenly about post count and being a BNF.)

If someone needs to tell me something, they can do it to my face.

I'm the same way. If I have something to say to you, I'll say it to your face (though not necessarily in public forum, as 90% of the time anything I have a problem with only has to do with whomever I am talking to). And personally I'd like the same courtesy.

....That said, I like anonmemes because they give me some form of sick twisted entertainment (in reading other people's comments). :3

Ugh, I totally agree. I never got why there were, specifically, so many anon memes that are like "tell me something about myself you've always wanted to say and don't hold back, insult away if you want to!" Beyond that I guess people do that to fish for comments "no no you are totally wonderful", like...why even? What is the point XD

You know, I think that fishing for compliments are lame. If someone wants to compliment me, they can but I certainly won't beg for it. >.> And hey, I'd be lying if I said I didn't like comments or such. But I think that I enjoy knowing other people too. As for the whole bashing thing, I won't participate in that.. the only anon meme I like is the one involving porn. ONLY GOOD TYPE.

But fandom hate memes, anon memes.. they just annoy me because they are just breeding grounds for shit.

I think you've touched on the thing that is the most destructive behavior that the internet seems to bring about. Somehow being anonymous seems to free one from the strictures of being a human being and without them, people seem to loose all compassion and rationality because yes, they can hide behind the fact that no one knows them. It goes beyond just anonymous posting too, I think a lot of people do or say things that they normally wouldn't because they can hide behind their avatar with the safe knowledge that the person they are bashing is someone who they will never have to look in the eye.

This, in essence, is why I'm largely an internet hermit. I don't think that being anonymous should divorce us from being human and recognizing that we are talking to other humans, even if they ship a pairing that I don't like or whatever.

So, I agree with you. It's shameful that people can't own up to their own words and opinions. If you can't attach your name to it, then maybe you shouldn't say it at all.

Oh ILU.. and you know, I think that we all have to take responsibilities for our actions. I think that is what sets us apart as the mature denizens of the net. I know I've been hurt by countless people and yes I've probably hurt a few in the past, but I think that it's made me more aware.


I don't see anyone who could not like you! Your so lovable and bubbly...really there is no neagitivity that comes from you. Yes my spelling is bad XD
also I have problems with people on the internet too! People can be soooooooooooooo mean! At first I was so afraid to go to a con cause so many people online are so cruel to cosplayers saying they are too fat, too ugly, blah blah blah. I was afraid of being judged and being called a fat CC T_T but I had a good time and I didn't meet any jerks! But I'm afriad now that all the pics I posed for will be put online and ridculed T_T

Ahahahaha,well I have my moments of moodiness.

AND OH MY GOD I WANT TO SEE COSPLAY PICTURES. (you could never look bad in cosplay). I've done cosplay, but I think anyone should do it for fun, not to be seen, but they just want to enjoy dressing up. I didn't dress up as Suiseiseki to look like her, I dressed up as her because who doesn't like to play pretend once in a while?

I can't wait to hear your con report and see your pictures, trufax!

I totally agree! People think that just because the internet is a place they can be anon on it makes it okay to be rude, but that's really them just trying to validate jerky behavior (and it is really creepy to think that someone might be complimenting you one second, only to type an anonymous compliment insulting you the next). :/

Oh my god.. that picture.. it's from To Terra! My respect for you grows and GROWS! (I love Keith, one day I will watch the anime)

And I've dealt with the crazy, so I know how feelings are on the internet, I think that at times connections are forged stronger over the internet, it's the sharing of vibrant ideas back and forth. One can connect with a person deeply when they find a shared.. well passion.

(Deleted comment)
Anon's say it I suppose because they can. But I know that Anon's probably have gotten karma back because people have talked about them and know the pain. And if they haven't, well they will.. such isi the nature of 'get what you give'

Don't worry, if I feel the need to go "omigosh, you cunt" at you, I'll do it loudly, and probably in public or something, where it will cause even more of a scene, because I'm apparently an attention whore? Lol. Not really, but okay!

The only reason I actually commented was to go "HA!" at your tags. Damn, your tags always amuse the piss out of me, ilu.


You know, I dream up half my tags at work. Like 'you've angered the tiki gods' came when it was raining so hard and it felt like the rain sequence at the end of the tiki room (a disneyland ride) where the brids are all like "All our singing and dancing has angered the tiki gods'. and then I thought 'damn, what an awesome tag!'.

I think everyone else has pretty much said exactly what I'd say. Admittedly there has only ever been one anon meme that I kinda felt like I wanted to take part in, but in the end, decided against it. It was posted by a person who had long since ditched me for various unjust reasons. I didn't want to say anything bad, mind you. Just that I bear her and her significant other no ill will and that I wish them happiness. The only reason why I'd wanna reply anonymously is because of the horrible backlash I know I'd receive if they knew it was me. :/

But overall, those kinds of memes and communities are terrible. Oh gawd, especially fandomsecrets. I checked out that awful excuse for a community and turned away rather quickly. It was a huge hate orgy. >_o It's like the cool trend of today to bash the hell out of things people like. :/

I always wonder what kind of relief (if any) people get from doing things anonymously over the internet. It's not like anything was resolved in their lives and a huge weight couldn't possibly be lifted from their shoulders. No one knows who they hell they are, so what kind of solace would that crap bring? ><

So, yeah, I'm just as frustrated as you are about this subject.

Yeah, see.. just because I do not like Austria/Prussia, I am not going to go and spam every austria/prussia shipper with 'you are shit for liking that pairing'. No they are not, they are free to like what they like, just like I am. No one is allowed to call judgement on another one for their preferences, we all have our special things that curl our toes.

I think that fandomsecrets was probably started because of me. One of the mods doesn't really -like- me all that much. Because I took away the one person that she wanted for herself. *points to Shuu* or rather one of the characters she wanted. Four years later, and I don't regret it, because I believe that I've cherished what I have.. while I have no doubts that if she had sort of wandered off with said mod, she probably would of been discarded for the latest and greatest thing. Not to mention now me and Shuu have a functional real life relationship as well.. which is uberly fufilling!

This. Everything that is Anon memes makes me want to just choke a bitch. Or smack the individuals who participate. I can't understand how people don't have the chutzpah to come to me, and say "Hay, Ryan. Don't be a bastard, k?" rather than going to everyone they know that knows me and goes "Hay! Didja know Ryan kicks puppies and eats little kittens for lunch?". Christ, what the frag.

I totally agree with you - I don't do anon memes for the same reason. I think people who don't own their opinions are cowards (it's one thing if it's something deeply personal, but if it's something inflammatory, man up for fuck's sake), and I practice what I preach. If I have something to say to someone, I'll say it to their face. If I have reservations about doing it, I'm obviously not too confident in what I want to say and shouldn't say it. So I don't.

I quit fandomsecrets because of the anonymous retards who think it's SO COOL AND ~EDGY~ to act like they're on 4chan. 4chan is the cesspool of the internet. Why you'd be proud to post there is beyond me.