Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Writer's Block: My secret self

Do you have any hobbies, beliefs, or interests that you share exclusively on LiveJournal? How are your LiveJournal friends different from your offline friends?

I don't talk about fandom outside of the internet and Shuu.. just because people would probably look at me as if I was crazy. Though my sense of humor is something that translates well outside of fandom too. I mean they all know that I like anime, manga, video games.. but they all know that it isn't my life per se. I generally have so much to talk to but can't say it, then I see people who have nothing to talk about and thus choose to talk bad about their co-workers. Makes me glad that part of my world is hidden in some way. Judgemental people rather suck in all (but gratefully I don't talk to them).

I tend to attract the open-minded people with a sense of humor. So in that my livejournal and real life friends don't deviate. I scare away all the right wing nutjobs with my talk of "Hello Kitty Bondage Rooms" which is JUST FINE BY ME!, don't really want to know those people anyways.. right?
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