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Writer's Block: My secret self
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Do you have any hobbies, beliefs, or interests that you share exclusively on LiveJournal? How are your LiveJournal friends different from your offline friends?

I don't talk about fandom outside of the internet and Shuu.. just because people would probably look at me as if I was crazy. Though my sense of humor is something that translates well outside of fandom too. I mean they all know that I like anime, manga, video games.. but they all know that it isn't my life per se. I generally have so much to talk to but can't say it, then I see people who have nothing to talk about and thus choose to talk bad about their co-workers. Makes me glad that part of my world is hidden in some way. Judgemental people rather suck in all (but gratefully I don't talk to them).

I tend to attract the open-minded people with a sense of humor. So in that my livejournal and real life friends don't deviate. I scare away all the right wing nutjobs with my talk of "Hello Kitty Bondage Rooms" which is JUST FINE BY ME!, don't really want to know those people anyways.. right?

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lol you make me laugh.

i'm the total opposite, everyone knows I like geeky stuff but they know its not all of me.

But I guess it maybe different for you, but I guess don't be ashamed.

I'm not ashamed per se, I just don't talk to people who I know aren't interested in it, I still read my manga in the breakroom when I'm bored,but I just don't discuss anime or try to rope people into discussions about anime. That's it really.

I remember being open about liking anime/manga, and being harshly ridiculed. :/ But your right, it's far better than those badmouthing coworkers. I find that's all a lot of women do here, insult one another.

Oh gods, it happens so much here where I work. They just go on and badmouth each other, for lack of better things to do. I enjoy what I like, and I do not mock other people their nascar or crocheting, they are all worthy hobbies, and hobbies shouldn't be badmouthed or trashed I think.

Agh, gossip mongrels and bitches. =__=

It's nice you attract open minded people tho. ♥ I've never been ridiculed for it thankfully. It's gotten some rude comments though, from all the crazy stereotypes. "You like that anime stuff? But you're so... normal/mature/pretty." *facepalm* Just what do they imagine in their minds...;;;

Hikkimori's.. the type that well occasionally come out of their lairs of darkness in order to kill people. (I think that it's funny how people think that just because you like anime, that's all you are obsessed with.. SO NOT TRUE)

I know. D: I like so many things~ I collect penguins and my kitchen looks like a giant candy-jar and I'm a music whore and have a farm of animals, lmao. There are just some words/things that many people seem to hear and suddenly it must be ALL ENCOMPASSING and the key to that person's personality (and even looks, wth)! Which is really a shame. :/

You need to take a picture of this candy jar kitchen one of these days, I INSIST! (I wants to seeeee it!)

I will once I'm done remodeling it!♥ I just stripped the cabinets and now I have to stain them and paint the trim, aaah. But I have cupcake decorations, candy dishes, lolipops in vases, and candy and heart print all over. Om nom nom. xD

Haha, I'm sort of the same way! I very rarely talk about fandom stuff outside of LJ, although I do have a pretty odd sense of humor that I keep in both RL and here too. :D

I wanna be in a Hello Kitty Bondage Room!!!!!! <3

adress pls? lol

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