Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I just cleaned out my tags and took out 1.) the tags that are so far in the past that they don't apply or 2.) are not hilarious enough for me. This still leaves me with ADEQUATE AMMOUNTS OF HILARITY.

Firstly shuukoi refered to Lambdadelta as a "Deranged Strawberry Shortcake". This is exceedingly amusing to me. (and yes everyone, I know exactly who Lambdadelta is supposed to be kept mum for the people who haven't finished Higurashi yet and I think it's funny.

Secondly, yes I am not playing the game, I am watching the anime right now. I realize that the game is far superior but I have neither the time nor the money to play through the game so the anime is going to just have to suffice. I am enjoying the pretty fanart though immensely and the anime isn't -too- bad, perhaps it is because I'm not playing the game. Let's just say that I will be suitably awed by the game when I get a chance to play it (if that ever happens). Battler is my favorite character definitely and I am enjoying the Battler/Beatrice spars. I am also liking the cast of characters which is unfolding quite nicely.

There is some disgusting parts in the anime, yes.. -however- I can take that, I trolled around 4chan for a few years (before I realized that it wasn't a very good idea to go into /b/ with an empty stomach) but to be perfectly honest, Higurashi got me worst with those SUDDEN screamings that Mion/Shion/Rena/Saotoko did. Yes, Beatrice vomits blood.. I can accept that; I am sure that I would vomit blood if I got stabbed by Virgilis's SPEARS OF GREAT JUSTICE.

I am just amused that Battler is gonna start proving everything with science.

Oh yes, also amused by Beatrice's Butler, Ronove. He's fabulous!

All the milf's finally have guns.. the world of Rokkenjima is now a HAPPIER place.
Tags: beatrice's harem, the magical power of science!

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