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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Four days of the week, real life is allowed to dominate and I don't really post anything too terribly fun. :( But my three days are coming up and they will be filled with Umineko and perhaps Higurashi Rei (since I really need to finish Rei, so that I can finish up the Higurashi series in general and move on to another independant anime watching project *but seriously I don't know what*

Work went fine, nothing too interesting. I'm a little tired and I'll be grateful to have rest days. It's easy to get used to four days on, three days off.. but if I'm ever moved to five days a week again,it will be particularly blah to adjust to. That extra day off, when you get used to it, really makes you feel a little bit more rested during the week. I've had some inappropriate comments made at me by Support Manager, noting that I would grill him for but honestly, he has the joy of living with what a pathetic loser he is, I think that may be punishment enough for him, the sleazeball.

I tried to make some icons but I think I may take a break this week or else the isoylent update won't be so big this week. I'm not going to put suggestion slots up this week unfortunately. I'm really just thinking of working on a Hetalia Blog Crew. So flist-think of what characters you want to be. (Japan and Greece will be taken though.. because I SAID SO)

*edit: There is a good chance that I will open up the suggestion box tomorrow.

I think that my main isoylent focus will be trying to replace out the food icons with some new made icons in the misc section, yeah I think that's a good endeavor. (maybe I should just hang a sign there that says 'beware of falling iconists'. I dunno.)

I so want the second season of Strike Witches, I want it so much that I can taste it (it probably tastes like panties)

So how is everyone doing today?

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(Deleted comment)
Oh I think that you'd like Higurashi. Certainly if you like Umineko, you'd like Higurashi, I think. And yes the support manager is 40 and a definite pervert.. the type that just gives you shivers of eww whenever you see them.

You're in KY (with me, lol) now, right? How's the snow there?

You know, the place where I live wasn't hit too hard, but the 30 miles to my work (on the border of west virginia) was really just a complete and total mess. Where I am now though the snow has pretty much melted down a little bit.

Yeah, I tried to see where you were in relation to me, because the West Virginia border sounds weird to me, lol. I'm still sort of *__* that we're in the same state, though I know NOTHING of that part.

I need more Strike Witches too. Because even if it does desensitize you to panties, afterwords you begin to realize that you aren't seeing enough panties anymore. I vote yes for Hetalia Blog Crew. It's next on my independent anime watching project once I finish Princess Tutu.

YAY~ indeed Hetalia is frigging awesome. And it's easy to get through I think. 50 episodes seem like nothing since fifty episodes is more like 10 episodes.
*hugs* STRIKE WITCHES (needs them, and by the end it was clear that there will be moar!)


Hetalia blog crew! Can I call dibs on a character or do I need to wait? :D

Yeah I think you can. Of course there's already someone who's claimed Feliciano.. *points downward* so if you have a character that you are interested in, just tell me.

Yay! I would like to be Germany, if possible :D

Sorry to pop in here, but...

You'd be my Germany?! *_* <3

I'll be your Germany! XD

I agree with you about the day off.

And screw real life coming in and intruding. :[. I feel the exact same way.

I'm sorry about the situation with your Support Manager...though I suppose him having to live with that kind of knowledge is probably a punishment in and of itself as well, as you said. 0_0; Rest days are definitely easy to get used to when it comes to work, I think (I know Breyzy appreciates just getting a half-day off in the middle of her five-day work week because of that too).

Oh, a Hetalia Blog Crew! That sounds like fun! ♥

My day was okay, I believe. Thank you for asking! *hugs*

Ick, I hate sleezeball coworkers. >< I've had to deal with a few in the past. Never an easy thing to deal with. Tell him you'll report his ass if he continues to do it. Seriously, he shouldn't be able to get away with crap like that. :/ I wish you luck, dear.

Hetalia blog crew? *_* Can you tell me more about it please? I'd be more than happy to take Feliciano's spot if possible. But I would like more info on the project first.

Meh. My day started out pretty crappy, but ended alright. All in all, I'd say it was kinda productive.

Well a blog crew isn't something real specail. it's like I'll post up the "This is the Hetalia blog crew" along with a copy and paste code for you to put up in your journal" that says that you are my blog crew's so and so character. It's really simple. I'll probably do it at a point in time when I think everyone will be out, however I'm willing to take pre-registrators I think. Really you don't have to do anything, it's just something to put in your journal profile!

When everyone's out, meaning more nations being personified in the series? That might take awhile. ^^; Who knows what Hidekaz has cooking up in his head.

So we really wouldn't have to do anything as your blog crew? Is there something more intricate and/or involved with being a member? If you're taking pre-registration, then I'll take N.Italy for sure. ^_^ I have a separate LJ account just for RPing him, so would it be best to sign up with that or this one?

Well I don't know actually, you don't need to have an RPing account attached to him, really it's just people on my flist who want to be displayed as a certain character.

Oh, I see. That sounds cool, actually. :) I can use it for quite a few purposes. I look forward to the day when you begin this project.

HETALIA BLOG CREW?! i'm there! B) ♥

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