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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I have changed my theme for my journal. I loved you Zack Faire, however it's time for you to go (I'm sure there's pizza at Angeal's house!)

And now, just before V-day's.. it's everyone's favorite theifkiller of hearts. Seishirou Sakurazukamori. He will be staying for the next couple of months, despite any protestations, and of course he's armed, just discreetly. Dangerous? Absolutely.

Twinstar, shuufish has the matching Subaru theme.

Woohoo! Now I can go back to my regularly scheduled program. And hey, I GOT EVERYTHING DONE THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO THIS WEEKEND! WOOHOO!

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Nice! I've always liked that pair. <3 I really love your FO banner! ♥ Random fact: Subaru is my favorite X character. :)

You know, I don't know if I have a favorite character in X, I really just like them all and I cannot pick a favorite one out of the entire series -_-

I know how you feel. I'm that way with a few other series I like. With X, it was almost an instant draw to Subaru. I first saw the movie, since the series hadn't come out yet, and I think it was Subaru's persona and the way he dressed. Very cool. :) I LOVE his outfit in the series! The trenchcoat, boots, and black shirt are so freakin' cool! <3 But then I was thrilled to find that the boy was in love with a guy. That just made it all the better. X3 Their story is just as sad as Fuuma and Kamui's. I cried when Sei died for Subaru. ;__; And dammit, we ALL know he said "Aishiteru" in Subaru's ear. Dunno why they tried to hide it. >_>

Well you know, the manga stated that Seishirou would be killed by the one that he loved the most. Just as Seishirou had killed his mother and his mother had told him the same thing. So there was never a doubt in my mind that Seishirou would be offed by Subaru.. if you think about it, that's a bit twisted.

Dude, the WHOLE series is twisted. XD; To me, it seemed like Subaru wanted to avoid killing Sieshirou at all cost. For some reason, I highly doubt he would have. Subaru seemed like the innocent one who just wanted to live a normal life with Seishirou, but the stupid dragons of heaven and earth scenario seemed to mess with their lives. They never specified what would happen if neither side "won". I doubt the world would have changed. The series was a lot "nicer" than the movie by leaps and bounds. Damn well everyone died, except Kamui in the film. It was so depressing. The series was much more hopeful and happy in the end, with select casualties. I mean, hell, even a damn Angel survived.

*groan* While I adore the series for it's characters, story line, and plot, I still have issues with it. ^^; I think everyone could have lived. Like Kotori said: the future is not determined. Nor is is set in stone. Everyone has the ability to change and shape their own destiny. Therefore, Subaru and Seishirou did not have to share such a twisted fate.

*steps off soap box* And there's my two cents. XD;

Well you did read Tokyo Babylon right? Because living a normal life with Seishirou was never an option, because there was always going to be the whole "I killed your sister' thing between them... which makes it poignant and I think that is the beautful part of their relationship. No, I do not think that Subaru wanted to hurt Seishirou, but in a way I think he did too.. with Subaru it's a double edged sword and they both came into X with so muchbaggage.

I never read Tokyo Babylon, but I have the movie. Seriously unfortunate lives they lead. I loved Subaru's sister, too. She was a good person. All in all, between the two guys, Seishirou was the most twisted. He was the one who willingly killed his mom and Hokuto knowing full well the consequences. Seriously, poor Subaru. I agree he'd wanna fight with Seishirou for what he did to his sister, but he wouldn't wanna kill him. He was still so in love with the guy. Why, I'll never understand. Perhaps he saw that bit of compassion and love he only got to see right before the guy died. Either way, they're way too depressing to think about. And hell yes, they walk into X with a ton of baggage. Good god, Sei was already messed up in the head and Subaru was clinically depressed. :/

Well he didn't want to kill his mom. In the manga it denoted that he really didn't want to. he tried to sort of get out of it, however his mother was like "Seishirou.. there is no greater way to show love for a person then to let them kill you, you who are my most precious person." It was because to a Sakurazukamori who rarely lets someone in, it is showing the ultimate vulnerability, it is saying "I love you, and I am going to let you deep inside me in a way that no one else is allowed". I know I see Seishirou's side of this. I think to Seishirou, he was perfectly reasonable and sane.

Subaru didn't take that as a sign of love however, because he wasn't schooled into that way of thinking. It's where the two of them 'don't' meet exactly

There is so much bittersweet tragedy to their love, and yes it is love. Because when Seishirou allowed Subaru to kill him, it was because he loved him. And at that time, Seishirou was finally able to embrace it.

My twinstar can even describe this better, at least from Subaru's perspective. I'm the best at the Seishirou (because I do like the guy.. seriously.. but Jennie is mad with love over Subaru)

Thanks for all this info. :) It's true that the "book is always better than the movie" as they say. I never truly understood why Seishirou HAD to kill his mom... though the mentality still confuses me. I dunno, I guess I have a different sense of morality. :/

But again, thanks for giving me further insight to Sei's situation. It's given me a bigger perspective.

Do you two RP as Seishirou and Subaru? Sounds like it would be fun, considering you both have such deep insight for them. ^_^

Well think about it this way. Seishirou had to kill his mom, else he would be rejecting the love that his mother had for him. It was a point of honour and yes he did love her back, he didn't want to kill her but it was the ultimate acceptance of her love and her feelings; that is if you are thinking of love in terms of 'giving something and having it accepted'

Yes as a matter of fact we do. We've never played them in actual X canon, we've played them in AU's though. In the current AU we are doing, the Supernatural, Seishirou is a vampire from Russia while Subaru is a Warlock from Japan (and yes serving underneath Japan *who is also the head warlock of Japan*)

... I have quite a few things to say about that mentality, but I won't. It's just a series. ^^

Awesome! That sounds like such an intricate story to RP. How exciting~ :D It would be really cool if someone did fanart for your characters.

Yeah it is messed up, but it's Clamp and usually for them Romance involves a little bit of blood and/or eye gouging. :(

True. Clamp has always involved twisted plot devices that I've viewed as questionable, but I still admire them for their art and intricate stories and characters. They're infamous for many reasons and they do deserve respect. Though I wish they wouldn't drop a series that had potential. ^^;

Oh, I really like the new theme! :D

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