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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I have a question.

Is Umineko gorier then Higurashi or less (or the same). I want to know because shuufish might want to watch it because of the whole Beatrice/Battler pairings but she doesn't like alot of gore or horror.


Also FINISHED HIGURASHI! thoughts on it (none Rei.. still have to watch that) coming later!

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It's gorier, but it's pixellated out in the broadcast versions. I didn't get through all of Higurashi, but I think Umineko has more gore just in terms of quantity and frequency.

Oh wow, well that is just the suck!

But since the DVD raws are slowly coming out, they're uncensored. But otherwise, I agree with OP. It's worth it, though. :3

I would say...yes? To a degree? It's really about the same, and they're pretty creative about showing it from angles and shadows and censoring things/not actually showing everything to you.

You should definitely check it out, though, 'cause I honestly think it's a LOT more interesting than Higurashi.

Well I want to see it and I'm gonna end up seeing it, but it's the twin star honestly. Because she's not a big fan of gore or true horror, which Higurashi was. But you did see some pretty stomach turning things in Higurashi (good thing for my strong stomach)

Yeah, Umineko is pretty much Higurashi in terms of gore (and you will see some of the same stomach-turning events once in a while). So she may have an issue with it. It's kinda hard for me to describe how gorey the anime is, 'cause the VN is so much more descriptive in its gore, so the anime is kinda...tame to me XD;

Well, it does manage to make cake scary... Seriously, that moment creeped me out.

Yeah, well I'll see. I will see how bad it is when I watch it though I wish shecould play it because then I'll never get Jennie to play Beatrice to my burgeoning Battler. :(

I give my recommendation too. I get a bit tired of schoolgirl characters, and Umineko has an interesting cast that's mostly adults who actually get to DO SOMETHING in the series. If you can tolerate how supremely screwed up everyone is they're all really interesting.

That and Kyrie is the sex. Seriously, she's like an adult version of Juri in the regard.

Oh boy, adult version of Juri FTW!

That's at least my opinion on her. And there's even a female character in the VN who goes ga ga for her (if I said any more I'd be giving it away).

Yes...it's gorier...but it's censored XD So I don't think there's any need to worry. Other wise there's pretty much the same about of blood at points.

A bit gorier but definitely worth watching, imo. ♥

The anime's gorier, but you don't see a thing in the game~ [/plug]

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