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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
1.) pictures of food have the ability to make me far hungrier then real food does. Why is this? Am I just perhaps attracted to the aesthetics of food?

2.) .50 cent raise at work as apart of my yearly eval. It's hard to pull an 'exceeds expectation' at Walmart because management likes to HOARD THEIR MONIES.. HOWEVER I DID. In fact Jason's exact words were "In our eyes Nia, you have a constant halo over your head when you walk around". D'awwww (<--plz to be barfing now). I've done the calculation in my head. It'll make these four days a week more surviveable.. and when I actually do work five days a week, I AM GOING TO FUCKING CLEAN UP. .50 cents = to around 32.00 extra every paycheck. .50 cents on a forty hour week. $40. THIS ADDS UP.

I as of March 15th will make $10.10 an hour. HURRAH~

Why yes, I am made of awesome and sparklies! ♥

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(Deleted comment)
Well normally you're just given a 30 cent raise if you meet expectations, but exceeding expectations makes for much more in terms of a raise.

(Deleted comment)
Congratulations on your raise! I could calculate what percentage of your salary 50 cents is because I spent all night last night drilling percentages for my upcoming test, but my head hurts so I'm not going to. I hope they have realized that they should give you the five days you have be asking for! Love you!

Yeah I hope so too. But at any rate.. .50.. perhaps now I can buy things, like shampoo and conditioner and all those little necessities that I sort of need to go through life >.>

I love you too ♥ and you get the Jason response icon because I do!

Being able to buy necessities is good,

Yay! I got Jason... and it wasn't the Loser icon either.

Oh I would never give you the loser icon, trufax. You get the awesome icon where he's singing 'how did it come to this'. But yeah, the loser Jason icon IS pretty sweet. >.>

Raises for the win! They really are lovely when they add up. That's such a sweet evaluation, too.

Pictures of food have the same effect on me at times too, I think. I am both in love with/hate the Food Network Channel for that very reason. :D

Congratulations on the raise...that really does add up, and it's awesome that the management saw how hard you've been working! ♥

Yeah, someone on my flist wants icons of cupcakes.. and so I went and found pictures of cupcakes, delicious cupcakes.. I want cupcakes.

Congratulations on your raise and yes you are awesomely sparkly XD

Thank you! I appreciate the congrats!

YAY! Big congratulations on the raise. It feels nice to know people see and value your hard work!

mhmm, sparklies~ Must. Pet. /pets

It really depends, but I think that for the most part, when I see pictures of food, I've probably spent some amount of time not eating. So I'm more likely to get hungry by the visual stimuli. And then of course, after dinner, if I'm given a slice of cake, I might be thinking, "Yuck, I'm so full right now, I don't want to deal with layers of butter and sugar," but on the internet, when I see slices of cake, I'll probably more likely be, "Oh, that looks so good, I'd love to have a piece."

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