Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

1.) pictures of food have the ability to make me far hungrier then real food does. Why is this? Am I just perhaps attracted to the aesthetics of food?

2.) .50 cent raise at work as apart of my yearly eval. It's hard to pull an 'exceeds expectation' at Walmart because management likes to HOARD THEIR MONIES.. HOWEVER I DID. In fact Jason's exact words were "In our eyes Nia, you have a constant halo over your head when you walk around". D'awwww (<--plz to be barfing now). I've done the calculation in my head. It'll make these four days a week more surviveable.. and when I actually do work five days a week, I AM GOING TO FUCKING CLEAN UP. .50 cents = to around 32.00 extra every paycheck. .50 cents on a forty hour week. $40. THIS ADDS UP.

I as of March 15th will make $10.10 an hour. HURRAH~

Why yes, I am made of awesome and sparklies! ♥
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