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So we finished Aoi Hana. It was cute and it was sweet and it had a very poignant quality to it, as well as allowing for alot of open-endedness (except where the two main characters were concerned.. you actually knew where they were heading and their relationship already had such a sweet unfolding). The only part that made me a little bit sad was Sugimoto. I know that she was confused honestly with not knowing what she wanted her, but there was a part of me that really just wanted her to get together with Izumi just because Izumi there. But perhaps after Sugimoto comes back from London, maybe by that time she will have matured, right and able to understand what an awesome person Izumi is (who is incredibly devoted to her)

I like Aachan though, fierce little Lilty, that one.

Now onto the subject of STRIKE WITCHES...

I only have a picture to adequately describe this. SO TELL ME FELLOW FIENDS, WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS ANIMU IS ABOUT?

My eyes are swimming from lack of sleep. SO I GO NOW!
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