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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Since it was such a success -meme- :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
The last time I did it, it really motivated me, so I'm gonna do it again this week. I may make this a weekly activity so that I keep myself motivated (but well you guys are all lovely and were wonderful for my last foray into this funness

Friend's List! The first five people comment with either a pairing or a character, particularly from a series that I know, and I will make THREE icons for you. You may choose to share the icons over at isoylent or in fact you may keep them for yourself. Even if you don't want icons, comment.. because let's face it, I just want movitation!

*please let it be a series that I somewhat know, or else I just lose the feel for the icon. I'll try even if I don't know the series.. but if I'm comfortable with it, it just makes it easier.

1.) {Series | Sailor Moon ~ Uranus/Neptune} rose_lightfox
2.) {Series | FFIV ~ Chibi Rydia} puppy_sariel
3.) {Series | Utena ~ Juri/w Shiori} baranohanayome
4.) {Series | MakaMaka ~ Juri/Nene} bftly
5.) {Series | Utena (movie) ~ Anthy} athenaltena


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Sailor Moon, Uranus/Neptune

they are just simply so adorable <3

Oh man, awesome request! I WILL ENJOY FILLING THIS ONE!

Oh man, is it OK if I snag these icons? I love Neptune/Uranus. Especially in Mario Yamada doujin.

Share the love, man. :) jyuufish made a lovely Saturn icon for my old el jay akomachi

!!!! *squeee* thank you!!! *snag x3*

I am glad you like them! X_x~ no seriously, I was quite proud of them coming out! Thanks for making the request.

I may request more, *g* I'm a shameless Moonie <3

Well I love to make icons of sailor moon, because honestly.. it's a good series!

Revolutionary Girl Utena -- Juri/Shiori.

I HAVE PRESSIES FOR YOU~ (hopefully they pass muster!)

(Deleted comment)
Here is lil Rydia for you!

(Deleted comment)
Ahahaha, glad you like and I understand that LJ has been pretty bleah on the 'give me my fricking comments' front.

Can it be from a manga? I feel like I'm imposing, but can I suggest Jun/Nene from Maka Maka?

Oh yes ofcourse, I love MakaMaka and I will turn them out!

*squeals* I love Maka-Maka! <3<3<3 So glad to find someone else who loves it too *hugs*

Because lesbians are FUN!


It's the first time I've ever requested on LJ and I must admit, I'm feeling awfully special XD

Lesbians are awesome, and any positive adjective could be inserted here and it would be accurate!

Augh, between Neptune/Uranus, Maka Maka, and Utena, I'm just going to end up stealing icons from everyone requesting here.

I'll be updating this comment thread with them when I make it however they will also be up at Soylent Icons (is so thrilled to be able to beef up her Sailor Moon section a little bit!)

How about Anthy (movie version) from Utena?

Alright! Wow, this really is a YURI-TASTIC update. I'm gonna enjoy it alot!

I has Utena icons for you!


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