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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Sorry about the post last night everyone. I was feeling really vulnerable. I mean honestly it gets like that at times. I am normally very positive and upbeat but there are certain concurrances in my life that when they do arise, are very painful. However I've worked them out with Shu and we are back at an agreement. There is five years of history there, and when things happen and something throughs things off kilter, it's almost really.. I guess momumental. But never would I close the book or even rip out the pages because that's five years of my life. Yeah, that'll never happen. That is five years that I care too much about to give up.

Everything has been worked out and there's nothing that a good talk won't fix. Thank you all for your kind wishes and good thoughts. I really appreciate them all.

Shuu will always be my twin star. The one whom I have such an amazingly deep creative connection to, the one whom is pretty much hardwired into my brain so that sometimes we think the exact thing at the exact time and we both laugh, unknowingly, for the same reasons.

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We all have days like that. No worries! You should never apologize for what you have to say here. After all, we all choose to be on each others' friends lists. It's not like you're holding us down and forcing it upon us... Then again, I bet some of us wouldn't mind that, either. ;)

Anyways, I'm glad everything has worked out for the better.

Thank you. Yeah.. I just don't like to worry people honestly but I had to vent almost instantaneously. And I had no where else to really vent honestly so I turned to my LJ.

Which reminds me, I've sofar made two kain icons for you.. trying to find some awesome pictures of CID though. >.>

(Deleted comment)
You never have to worry about letting it out, hun. :) -hug- I'm glad that you two are better now. A good talk always always sorts things out.

Oh! Five years! How wonderful. Poet and I will be celebrating our sixth this March. :) I wish you both many many years to come.

Sounds great things are better now. And yes, talking can be really good - but sometimes a bit scary too...

Everyone has moments like that, so there's no need to apologize! I am glad it seems like things have settled down. ♥

*Hugs hugs* That's great it's working out. ♥ Never feel guilty about getting down, it happens to everyone. ♥ We're just glad you'll be okay. :3

Connections are hard to find, so you just got to work at it as much as you can.

Sorry to hear you were feeling vulnerable last night. We all have weaknesses and you shouldn't be embarrassed to display them from time to time.

Don't apologise for speaking from the heart, it's how you felt at the time. It's one of the reasons of us being here, to listen and let you get things off your chest.

Actually, I'm glad to have found you guys again. I was speaking to you about a month or so ago about the mighty Take That. But I couldn't remember where I had logged in to so I've been away a while searching!! It's the age dearie...!!

Anyway, you know what is guaranteed to cheer you up - The circus dvd. I guarantee you will have a huge smile on your face within minutes...not to mention the swoon factor over our gorgeous boys. Talking of gorgeous, our Jason would understand your comments, he's so deep, intelligent, thoughtful meaningful..need I go on??

By the way, Robbie is supposedly recording with them in LA...NOOOOO!!! don't do it boys. I'll truly be gutted if they reform as a fivesome and think they will be making a major error. Oh well..let's see what happens. In the meantime there are facebook pages to join to object. Something along the lines of 'No to Robbie rejoining Take That' Nice to have found you again. I feel like I've come home with my TT fans!

Oh man, I know.. I just don't get it honestly. Their music got better after Robbie left. I mean their current stuff is phenomenal. But I tell ya, if Robbie does come back, he's gonna have to play the game. I mean he's going to have to let everyone have equal shares or I will not be happy. for if I hear an album with 50 percent Robbie, I am not going to be happy (and I -like- Robbie Williams, as a soloist.) I sure did say "I'm not going to be happy" alot, didn't I? :laugh:

And don't worry, I remember! And it's alwasy nice to have a Take That fan on my list, other then Shu and chemcat. I've been trying to convert more.. but sadly I can't, they just don't seem responsive. *sobs*

Well it's lovely to have found you all again. Keep in touch. Glad (and hope) you have resolved all your issues and have a happy house again. Don't forget if you need any TT goodies just let me know and I'll do my best.....Take That are definitely for sharing. The world would be a better and more peaceful place if everyone listened to Take That everyday....be too happy to fight...with a big grin on our faces!!

Oh by the way, one of my friends jelliclerose writes some beautifully written Take That stories (I don't know if that is how you would describe them) but they are very moving - basically love relationships between Howard and Jason / and Gaz and Mark. Really well written and really hooks you in. You'll need to start from the beginning though! Linky linky below:


Enjoy xx

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